498 Imitation Show

    Upon hearing that the imposter would be displaying some racing techniques, the crowd erupted in cheers.

    Lin Yan got even more curious. Since the imposter had dared to say that, would she really be flaunting some of her techniques?

    "Why is she lying?" Qi Shaoyuan whispered to Lin Yan, "This imposter claims that she can execute your techniques. How is that possible?"

    Actually, Lin Yan's curiosity was piqued by her claims so she was rather looking forward to it. She wanted to see if that imposter could live up to her word.

    The K1 team members strolled onto the track and got inside their cars. Within seconds, all of their cars came to life simultaneously.

    The imposter's sudden request had caught them off guard, as they hadn't practiced or trained for such a unique competition. Nonetheless, they were still the best national team and their teamwork had shown that.

    From start to end, the K1 team spent about 15 minutes to put on a performance. Although there were some flaws, it wasn't easy for a team that hadn't made any preparations.

    After K1 was done, the imposter strode slowly to the racing track as the crowd watched her.

    Everyone left the track, leaving the imposter alone.

    She was clad in her silver uniform, and her back was facing the crowd. On her left was her silver-colored car.

    Frankly speaking, the imposter did resemble Lin Yan very much. For a fleeting second, Lin Yan felt as though she was looking at herself.

    Wei Xufeng and the rest of the spectators couldn't seem to peel their eyes off the imposter. Wei Xufeng's eyes were sparkling with expectation and excitement.

    Even Qi Shaoyuan inched forward to study the imposter intently.

    The only difference was that Qi Shaoyuan was curious. He merely wanted to see how the imposter would display Lin Yan's techniques.

    The imposter opened the car door and got in. She then started the engine and swerved the car in a fluid motion.


    In the span of a few seconds, the silver-colored car acted like a wild horse being unleashed.

    "F*ck... She really does have a trick or two up her sleeves..."

    Qi Shaoyuan mumbled under his breath.

    The imposter had done her homework before impersonating Boss. She had even imitated the way Lin Yan opened the door. If Qi Shaoyuan hadn't known the truth, he would have been hoodwinked by this imposter as well.

    Lin Yan stood beside Pei Yutang as she watched the silver-colored car, lost in thought.

    This was a professional imitation show.

    The imposter had managed to capture all the tiny details of Lin Yan during a competition. She had imitated her almost perfectly.

    "Sister-in-law! This is amazing!"

    Pei Yutang turned to Lin Yan excitedly. "Sister-in-law! Look at her! She is indeed a legend... Look at how she swerved and maneuvered around that corner. Her control and focus are flawless! She is superb! If I had a fraction of her ability, I would be invincible!"

    Before Lin Yan could speak, the silver-colored car performed a beautiful Side Horizontal Drift at one of the corners.
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