499 Incredible

    The moment Wei Xufeng witnessed the Side Horizontal Drift, which was the finale act, he started trembling with excitement.

    "That... That was Boss' iconic technique! I saw it when I went to watch Boss' first competition. I still remember what the commentator said... He said that it was incredible!" Wei Xufeng spluttered in delight and excitement.

    Qi Shaoyuan studied Wei Xufeng with a disdainful look. "Really... Why do I feel that it seems odd? It doesn't seem as smooth as before."

    Wei Xufeng was startled by Qi Shaoyuan's tone and remarks. "Not as smooth as before? How could it be? I don't see a difference."

    "You didn't manage to see the discrepancy because you're not professional enough. That was obviously not as good as a fraction of Boss's skill. It's worlds apart! You have disappointed me!" Qi Shaoyuan snorted coldly.

    Wei Xufeng scowled at Qi Shaoyuan with a frown. "Qi Shaoyuan, what do you mean? Are you implying that Boss isn't as good as before? Are you going to stop being her fan?"

    The corners of Qi Shaoyuan's mouth twitched when he heard Wei Xufeng's accusation. He peered at Wei Xufeng as though he was an idiot.

    Who was the one who hadn't been a real fan? Wei Xufeng was a traitor from head to toe!

    Before Qi Shaoyuan could retort, raucous cheers and applause erupted.

    The imposter demonstrated a few more of Yeva's trademark techniques. Yeva had rarely used those techniques during a competition.

    Wei Xufeng decided to ignore Qi Shaoyuan and focused on cheering the imposter on instead.


    "Not too bad."

    Lin Yan chuckled in amusement as she scrutinized the silver-colored car.

    The imposter had indeed invested a great deal of effort. She had executed those techniques flawlessly.

    However, even though the imitation was flawless, the disparity was glaring.

    Lin Yan had not used these techniques to flaunt how skilled she was or to allow people to remember her.

    She had done everything to win the competition.

    Lin Yan had only used those techniques to save time. Everyone knew that a second on the track meant a distance of miles.

    The imposter had instead used more time to demonstrate the techniques perfectly. In that case, what was the purpose of those techniques?

    Imitation was difficult and it was harder to make it perfect. However, if the real objective was forgotten, everything was meaningless.

    "Sister-in-law, did you see that? She is so awesome. Sister-in-law, can you learn from her and teach me?" Pei Yutang implored Lin Yan excitedly as he tugged at her arms.

    "Isn't that easy?" Lin Yan replied dully to Pei Yutang's remarks.


    Pei Yutang blinked in confusion and surprise. "How could it be easy? Are you joking? Those were Yeva's techniques!"

    Lin Yan sighed heavily in response.

    It was easy to imitate those techniques solely for a performance. Using them during a race to save time was the real purpose of the techniques.

    "Not every imitation is worthy of being called a racing technique," Lin Yan concluded with a wistful smile.
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