500 She Isnt Qualified


    Racing techniques?

    Pei Yutang was puzzled by Lin Yan's seemingly cryptic words... What kind of imitation was she referring to?

    "Lin Yan, what did you just say?"

    Wei Xufeng marched over to Lin Yan, looking impassive and aloof.

    "What's wrong with you again?" Lin Yan turned to face Wei Xufeng. Why was he like a ghost who lingered around her all day long? She really wanted to know who was harassing who actually. Could he have some self-awareness?

    "Did you just say that Yeva's racing techniques are easy?" Wei Xufeng glowered at her. He looked as though he was about to explode. How dare she insult his idol!

    "Was it really difficult? I can do it as well." Lin Yan grinned with a shrug.

    "You can do it?"

    Wei Xufeng burst into laughter, as though Lin Yan had just cracked a hilarious joke.

    "Oh, my god. Miss Lin Yan, you are boasting too much!" Qi Shaoyuan hastily interjected. "Who do you think that lady is? Yeva is the legend of the racing industry! How could you say that her techniques are easy?"

    Wei Xufeng studied Qi Shaoyuan, looking relieved that Qi Shaoyuan finally seemed like himself once more.

    "What did you just say? You could do it as well? What a joke! Alright then... You can challenge her if you dare! Do you have the guts to compete with our boss? If you dare, go challenge her!" Qi Shaoyuan raised his voice.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    "She isn't qualified to compete with Boss," Wei Xufeng hissed coldly.

    "Little Feng, you're right! She isn't qualified... But we have to give them a chance to compete. She needs to know how foolish and arrogant she is! She needs to know that Boss is an insurmountable city!" Qi Shaoyuan yelled.

    The imposter was walking with Han Yixuan when she overheard the conversation.


    Wei Xufeng diverted all his attention to the imposter the moment he caught sight of her.

    "Boss, I am your die-hard fan and Wei Xufeng's friend... My name is Qi Shaoyuan!" Qi Shaoyuan cut across swiftly before Wei Xufeng could even utter a word.

    "Hi." The imposter nodded.

    "Boss, do you know that someone just criticized your performance? She claims that she could do it as well. She commented that your performance was weak and you didn't live up to your reputation. Boss, as your fan, I can't tolerate this criticism at all! You have to compete with her! You need to show her who is the boss!" Qi Shaoyuan exclaimed.

    When the imposter's eyes trailed to Lin Yan, she could hardly conceal the contempt in her eyes. She replied flatly, "Do you think I will accept just any challenge?"

    "Boss, you're right... But I believe that... you need to teach some people a good lesson. Besides, it would be effortless to crush her, wouldn't it Boss?" Qi Shaoyuan urged her once more.

    "Young Master Qi, in that case, Madam Yeva would have to handle challenges every other day." The K1 female captain interrupted.

    "Are you joking? You want to let Madam Yeva compete with an unknown racer?"

    "Ha ha! This is just a gimmick. Madam Yeva could beat her with her eyes closed."

    Several captains chuckled aloud.
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