501 The Real Show Is About to Star

    "Lin Yan! What are you trying to do? That's enough! Do you have any idea who she is?"

    Han Yixuan reproached Lin Yan sternly with a frown.

    "Sister... Madam Yeva is a legendary figure in the racing arena. You're just an ordinary racer from a minor team... This isn't appropriate..." Lin Shuya feigned helplessness.

    "No! I can't tolerate the way she talked about our boss. No matter what, we have to make sure Boss can crush her completely without mercy!" Qi Shaoyuan cut across loudly.

    Qi Shaoyuan's eyes fell on Wei Xufeng. "Little Feng, why are you acting this way? Boss is being criticized by this woman. Don't you want Boss to teach her a lesson? If the challenge falls through, this woman is bound to create rumors about how the legendary Yeva doesn't deserve her reputation. She will harp on that Boss was afraid of accepting her challenge. I can't stand the thought of Boss being humiliated this way!"

    Wei Xufeng was speechless...

    Qi Shaoyuan's argument made sense. On the other hand, there was no need for Yeva to prove her ability by accepting a lowly racer's challenge.

    "Isn't dinner about to start? Let's go in..." Wei Xufeng pondered briefly before he answered.

    "Sister, are you going home? I can get someone to take you home."

    Lin Shuya spoke in a considerate, gentle manner to Lin Yan.

    Her underlying meaning was obvious. Lin Yan wasn't qualified to attend the dinner.

    Lin Yan grinned in response. "I came here for the dinner, so why would I leave early? I received three invitations, so it wouldn't be appropriate for me to leave."

    "Exactly! She can't leave feeling unconvinced by Boss' ability! She has to compete with Boss!" Qi Shaoyuan nodded hastily.

    Pei Yutang stared at Lin Yan, looking conflicted.

    He knew that Lin Yan was an excellent racer, but her opponent was Yeva!

    The idea of challenging Yeva to a competition was a joke!

    However, Lin Yan was his sister-in-law and daddy. How could Pei Yutang say that?

    "Do you want to attend the dinner?"

    Han Yixuan peered at Lin Yan, looking annoyed.

    She had three invitations, so he couldn't just drive Lin Yan away.

    "Yeah, we brought anexpensive an gift as well. How could I leave?" Lin Yan grinned brightly.


    The dinner was held at a nearby villa.

    Naturally, Yeva was the main star of the night.

    Everyone convened at the villa's main hall, while the imposter left with Lin Shuya and Han Yixuan to change her outfit.

    "Sister-in-law, where is the gift?" asked Pei Yutang as he turned to Lin Yan.

    Everyone's gifts were ready except for Pei Yutang's gift.

    "Don't be so anxious. It's on the way," Lin Yan murmured listlessly.

    "Okay, Daddy. I can't wait!" Pei Yutang nodded.

    Qi Shaoyuan pulled Lin Yan to a corner and spoke after making sure no one was in the vicinity. "Boss, you have to race with that imposter!"

    Lin Yan chuckled in response. "She is a big shot. What can I do if she refuses to oblige?"

    "Big shot? What kind of a big shot? She is merely a big shot when it comes to imitating you."

    "Calm down. The real show is about to start. It's more important to fill our tummies first," Lin Yan replied nonchalantly.
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