502 President of the Overseas Fan Club

    Before the dinner commenced, Han Yixuan and Lin Shuya went out to receive a special guest from abroad who had flown there especially for the event.

    They came back shortly with an elegantly-dressed lady and made their way leisurely into the hall.


    "That woman... Is she... Hollywood award-winning actress Andrea?"

    "Are you serious? Isn't she the female lead of the racing movie?"

    "It's her indeed!"

    Everyone's faces were alight with surprise and delight at the sight of the woman.

    That woman was Hollywood's most popular actress right now!

    "I didn't think that she would be a fan of Yeva!"

    "It's not strange, as Yeva commands a huge army of fans. Even if Andrea is Yeva's fan, it's not that surprising."

    Lin Shuya and Han Yixuan led the woman inside.

    "Let me introduce you to everyone."

    Lin Shuya smiled sweetly as she glanced at the woman standing quietly beside her. "I'm sure everyone is familiar with this lady. She is Miss Andrea, an actress who has won numerous awards. In addition, she is the president of Yeva's overseas fan club."

    "Yeva's fan club?"

    Wei Xufeng widened his eyes in surprise. Why hadn't he heard of this fan club before?

    Lin Shuya explained promptly, "It's a small, private fan club... There are tons of clubs like it... Many other people started their own fan clubs to show their support."

    Wei Xufeng nodded in understanding after hearing Lin Shuya's explanation.

    "Hello, everyone. It's nice to meet you."

    Andrea greeted everyone in fluent Mandarin.

    Wei Xufeng was familiar with Andrea. Although she was Chinese, she had been born in America. She could speak Mandarin well and she was well-known for being forthright and outspoken.

    "Hi, Miss Andrea..."

    Soon, everyone rushed forward to introduce themselves.

    The woman didn't seem too interested in striking up a conversation with anyone. Soon, a trace of impatience flitted across her eyes.

    "Shuya... May I know where Boss is?"

    Andrea turned to Lin Shuya, looking anxious and eager.

    Before Yeva had retired, Andrea had tried numerous times to use various connections to meet her. Unfortunately, every single time, Andrea had been rejected by Yeva's team, WZ.

    This time, Lin Shuya had notified her that she had successfully invited Yeva to a dinner she was going to host.

    Andrea had been grateful to Lin Shuya when she had received the news. She had immediately postponed her work and booked flight tickets right away.

    "Sister Andrea, this is our friend, Wei Xufeng." Lin Shuya introduced him to Andrea.

    "Hi, I've watched your movie... Meeting One's Match was really good." Andrea smiled at Wei Xufeng.

    "Thank you." Wei Xufeng bowed his head politely.

    "She is..."

    Suddenly, Andrea's eyes darted to Lin Yan. "Are you Lin Pianruo... from Meeting One's Match?"

    "Hi, Miss Andrea." Lin Yan bowed her head in response.

    "I had no idea you were one of Boss' fans," said Andrea.

    "Miss Andrea, Miss Lin Yan isn't a fan. She is here to issue a challenge." One of the K1 team racers sneered.


    Andrea frowned in response.

    "You heard me. She thinks that Yeva isn't that great and wants to compete with her."
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