506 Paying the Price

    In Wei Xufeng's eyes, Lin Yan was bound to lose. Since she was the one who had agreed to the bet, she deserved it even if she really had to eat the clock.

    However, if she really did so, she might actually die.

    He didn't have a favorable impression of Lin Yan, especially when she kept pretending to be Yeva. He reckoned that she was trying to attract his attention by doing that, including by challenging Yeva today.

    However, Wei Xufeng had worked with Lin Yan before and he didn't wish to see her suffering the consequences of her own actions.

    "Little Feng, are you a fake fan?"

    Qi Shaoyuan suddenly interjected as he marched over to Wei Xufeng. "Someone has provoked Boss, yet you're still defending her? How can you allow her to have her way?

    We should let Boss crush her mercilessly on the track so that she can pay the price for her ignorance and arrogance. Eating a clock doesn't seem to be enough... She should... It's too gross. I can't say it."

    Wei Xufeng glanced at Qi Shaoyuan and scrutinized his expression.

    Wasn't he the one who had invited Lin Yan to this event?

    Qi Shaoyuan had stepped forward to defend Lin Yan when Han Yixuan had tried to chase her away. He had seemed so furious and indignant earlier.

    However, he seemed to have changed sides without a warning. A minute ago, he had been defending Lin Yan desperately. Now, he looked as though he wanted Lin Yan dead.

    What was this fellow up to?

    The Qi Shaoyuan he knew wasn't someone who would double-cross anyone...

    "Qi Shaoyuan... Weren't you on Lin Yan's side just now?" asked Wei Xufeng in confusion.

    Qi Shaoyuan shook his head. "That was earlier. She hadn't provoked Boss yet. How could I stand by and do nothing while she provokes Boss?

    What about you? You are sitting on the fence! How could you betray Boss? You even mistook... Ahem... Forget it, you are a fake fan."

    Wei Xufeng, who couldn't be bothered to argue with Qi Shaoyuan. turned around. "Lin Yan, apologize to Boss and everyone here. Then get out of this place. If you do that, we will pretend that nothing happened. Forget about the bet. This is your final chance."

    "No! I don't agree. Whoever dares to provoke Boss will have to pay the price!" shouted Qi Shaoyuan.

    "Young Master Qi is right. She has done something wrong, so she needs to bear the consequences. An apology wouldn't suffice."

    "She has agreed to eat the clock if she loses. No one forced her to. Since she wants to boost her fame, let her do it. We can accept it as long as she keeps her promise." The female captain sneered in contempt.

    "Lin Yan, aren't you going to apologize?" Wei Xufeng ignored their remarks and stared coldly at Lin Yan.

    Was this woman willing to die for the sake of boosting her fame?

    "Can we start the competition?" Lin Yan grinned brightly.

    Wei Xufeng glared at her. "You!"

    He gritted his teeth in fury. Fine! He would not stop her!

    A pitiful person like her was detestable!

    "Madam Yeva, I'm so sorry. She is my older sister... There have been some misunderstandings between us... She knew that we invited you and she came deliberately to challenge you... I'm so sorry... Madam Yeva, you don't have to bother with her... I will be held responsible for my sister's mistake." Lin Shuya bowed her head, looking aggrieved and apologetic.
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