508 Waiting For a Miracle

    Lin Yan grinned and turned to the imposter. "My stomach can't do that, but I have strong teeth. I think there won't be a problem."

    "To the track now," the imposter said.

    Everyone trailed after the imposter and made their way to the track.

    Wei Xufeng whirled around to glower at Lin Yan.

    He couldn't comprehend that woman at all. What was she up to? Would she only give up after eating the clock that she had bought?

    Lin Yan didn't hold a grudge against anyone. Instead, she held one against herself.

    He didn't want to waste any more of his breath on her. She would bear the consequences of her own actions.

    God Z slid past the crowd and found Lin Yan. "Miss Lin Yan, are you..."

    Both God Z and Mumu wondered what was on Lin Yan's mind.

    They were aware of her skills and ability. She was practically an expert racer. However, her opponent was the Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva!

    Yeva had only lost once at the trying finale of the first level of the international competition.

    So, what was Lin Yan thinking? How would she be able to eat the clock?

    Lin Yan glanced at God Z and smiled. "Perhaps I could beat Yeva."

    God Z was speechless...

    "You want to beat her?" Mumu scuttled after them and spluttered, "Miss Lin Yan, let me tell you something. Unless Yeva is an imposter, there is no way you could beat her. This doesn't mean that you're not good, it's just that... Yeva is really formidable."

    Lin Yan cracked a wide smile and replied, "We should always wait for a miracle to happen. Who knows, she might really be an imposter. I don't want to eat the clock."


    Everyone walked to the racing track, where the cars were still parked.

    The imposter walked towards her silver car without a word.

    Amid hushed whispers and disdainful glances, Lin Yan strolled to the track and chose a car randomly.

    Lin Shuya's smirk became more pronounced when Lin Yan got inside the car.

    Her sister was a complete idiot.

    She hadn't even racked her brains to cause her trouble. She was here willingly, digging her own grave.

    "Shuya, don't mind her. Let her perish," Han Yixuan said stiffly.

    'But... she is my sister..." Lin Shuya mumbled softly.

    Han Yixuan sighed gravely. "You're too kind..."

    Before Han Yixuan could utter another word, rumbling sounds broke the silence.

    "I am really curious. I wonder how that woman will eat the clock later?"

    "She deserves it."

    "She could challenge anyone, yet she had to choose Yeva. She really has a death wish."

    Pei Yutang was frustrated and anxious. How would he save Lin Yan later?

    Should he call Big Brother?

    No, he couldn't! If Big Brother found out that he had brought his sister-in-law here, he would break his legs!

    But how could he let Sister-In-Law eat the clock? If she really did so, other parts of his body might end up getting broken too!

    As the whistle went off, the silver car and Lin Yan's red car whizzed past the start line.

    Everyone watched the cars in silence, looking focused and serious. This was a competition between a lion and a dog.

    The silver car, which was swift, was about to overtake Lin Yan's red car.

    At that moment, the red car swerved sharply and blocked the path of the silver car.
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