510 Brother, Are You an Anti-Fan?

    Han Yixuan stood there deep in thought. "Losing on purpose? That is possible. Given Madam Yeva's status, how could she put in all her effort to compete with a person like Lin Yan?"

    "Yeah, Boss must have done this purposely... Boss wouldn't lose..." Qi Shaoyuan nodded eagerly and smiled. "Boss is really admirable. She doesn't want to bully a poor racer like Lin Yan so she slowed down on purpose. She might even lose the competition and end up eating the clock..."

    Everyone's expressions changed once more.

    Qi Shaoyuan was right.

    This wasn't a friendly race between Yeva and Lin Yan. Besides, Lin Yan was the one who had provoked Yeva. In that case, why would Yeva lose to Lin Yan if she wanted to teach Lin Yan a lesson?

    Plus, the loser would have to eat the clock. Who would be so dumb as to purposely lose the competition when she had the ability to win?

    That theory was insane.

    "Could Boss' injury be acting up?"

    Wei Xufeng spoke rather softly.

    Everyone knew why Yeva had retired. It was because her old injuries had acted up.

    Earlier on, Lin Shuya and Han Yixuan had said that Yeva had traveled a long way to their country. The journey had been arduous and had aggravated her old injuries. Hence, she wasn't well enough to race with the K1 team today.

    "Even if Boss' old injuries acted up, she could still beat an ordinary racer like Lin Yan with her eyes closed. As the saying goes, a lean camel is bigger than a horse... No, wait... Lin Yan can't be considered a horse. I should say that a lean camel is bigger than an ant..." Qi Shaoyuan spoke airily.

    Before anyone could respond, Qi Shaoyuan rattled on, "No, no, no... I was wrong. If Boss lost the competition, it would have to be because of her injuries... or some other reason! If Boss lost the competition, there would have to be several factors that caused her to lose!"

    Pei Yutang glanced at Qi Shaoyuan and said awkwardly, "Brother, are you an anti-fan?"

    "Huh?" Qi Shaoyuan spun around rapidly to face Pei Yutang. "What are you talking about? Who is an anti-fan? I'm a devoted fan! A loyal fan!"

    Pei Yutang fell silent as he contemplated this for a moment. "It's scarier when a fan turns into an anti-fan..."

    "Even if Boss was injured, she wouldn't lose to an ordinary racer..."

    Finally, Andrea concluded with a frown.

    God Z and Mumu glanced at each other. Both of them were aware of Lin Yan's skills. Even though she was as good as the K1 racers, or even as good as the most ancient and eccentric teams in the country, she could never dream of beating Yeva.

    Hence, Mumu and God Z were dumbfounded and astonished by the result. They couldn't fathom what was happening.

    "I don't care! Boss will never lose! Unless she isn't Boss and she is an imposter!" Qi Shaoyuan yelled.


    It was apparent who the victor would be. Lin Yan's red car had reached the finish line. However, she chose to stop before the finish line.

    Lin Yan, who was dressed casually, got out of the car and rounded it slowly as though she was inspecting it.

    Everyone peered at her curiously.
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