511 Definitely an Imposter

    Evidently, Lin Yan was trying to humiliate Yeva. She had chosen not to cross the finish line. Instead, she had gotten out to inspect the car.

    What was there to inspect at this juncture?

    As long as Lin Yan stepped on the accelerator, the red car would cross the finish line and win the competition.

    At last, the imposter's silver car finally caught up. Lin Yan took her time to get in her car before accelerating slightly to cross the finish line.

    When the red car sped past the finish line, the whole place was silent. Only the sounds of the cars' engines could be heard.

    Wei Xufeng stood in a daze as he watched the two cars.

    His Boss... The Race Track's Grim Reaper... had lost to Lin Yan...

    How could this happen?

    However, the facts were presented before their eyes. What other explanation could there be?

    Lin Yan glanced at the silver car before she walked away.

    "Sister Yan... Wow! How did you do that? You managed to defeat the Race Track's Grim Reaper! Is this a dream? This is unimaginable!"

    Pei Yutang seemed feverish with excitement as he hovered around Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan gave him a fleeting grin. "Yeah, I just casually raced as usual. I never thought that I would beat a legend like the Race Track's Grim Reaper... Seems like I must be a rare racing genius born once in a millennium."

    "There is no way you could have beaten Boss. Unless she is a fraud!" Suddenly, Qi Shaoyuan yelled at Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan gave him an odd, amused smile. "Actually, it's pretty straightforward... There are two possibilities."

    "What are they?" asked Pei Yutang.

    "First, I have beaten the Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva, because I'm better and faster than her. I am thus a racing genius," Lin Yan answered.

    "What about the second possibility?" Qi Shaoyuan asked.

    Lin Yan shrugged and replied, "She is a fraud! Unless I am stronger than Yeva, I've merely defeated a fake Yeva. Do you think there is a third possibility?"


    After a brief moment of confusion and disbelief, everyone began to lean towards the second possibility.

    The idea of this woman beating the real Race Track's Grim Reaper was a tremendous joke.

    However, 'Yeva' had indeed lost the competition. This was an undisputed fact. Hence, she had to be an imposter!

    "Lin Shuya, what is going on?"

    Suddenly, Wei Xufeng spun around and questioned Lin Shuya sharply.

    "No, it's not true. She is indeed Madam Yeva. Everyone, hear me out first." Lin Shuya frowned as she replied hastily.

    Lin Yan nodded and replied, "Yeah, don't be so hasty. Give her a chance to quibble."

    Qi Shaoyuan was speechless...

    Pei Yutang was speechless...

    Lin Shuya's eyes gleamed coldly.

    Could Yeva be an imposter? Otherwise, why would she lose?

    Lin Shuya calmed down quickly.

    Even if she was an imposter, there was still a way out of this predicament.

    As long as the imposter refused to admit the truth and insisted that her injuries had flared up...

    Lin Yan whirled around and yelled in the direction of the silver car. "Madam Yeva, we have phoned the police! We suspect that you're not Yeva! Please explain yourself!"

    Lin Yan's words had barely left her lips when the silver car whizzed out of the racing track in the blink of an eye!
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