512 The Bet Is Scrapped

    Shock and fear filled Lin Shuya's eyes.

    Lin Yan suppressed a grin.

    She had already predicted Lin Shuya's idea to wriggle her way out.

    Even if she was a fraud, Lin Shuya could just get her to deny the accusation flatly. She could simply attribute the defeat to her old injuries to bluff her way out.

    Thus, she had decided to lie and say that she had called the police.

    As expected, the imposter fled the scene in her car.

    Thanks to the imposter's escape, the truth had come to light. If she was the real Yeva and had indeed lost the competition due to her injuries, why would she flee?

    A silence enveloped everyone as the silver car whizzed away.

    "It can't be..."

    Qi Shaoyuan feigned disbelief and utter shock as he spluttered, "Boss escaped in her car? Is she really a fraud?"

    "If she hadn't fled, she might have really lost the competition because of her injuries. Since she fled, then she is definitely an imposter!" Pei Yutang analyzed aloud.

    "I had a weird nagging feeling just now. Even if the Race Track's Grim Reaper was really injured, how could she lose to Miss Lin Yan? It turns out that she was a fraud," Mumu muttered softly.

    Mumu turned to Lin Yan and grinned awkwardly. "Miss Lin Yan, I hope you don't mind me saying that... After all, if she had been indeed the real Yeva, you would really have stood no chance of winning."

    "No worries." Lin Yan chuckled.

    "Let's call the police and return to the villa."

    Andrea spoke sharply as she narrowed her eyes at Lin Shuya and Han Yixuan.


    It was late at night when they returned to the villa.

    The silver car was found abandoned a fair distance away, but the imposter was nowhere in sight.

    Everyone waited in the main hall.

    Wei Xufeng was staring at Lin Shuya and Han Yixuan coldly.

    Lin Shuya and Han Yixuan were famous, prominent figures in the country. Therefore, no one had suspected anything when the two of them had announced that they had managed to invite the Race Track's Grim Reaper.

    Who would have thought that the Yeva they had invited was a fraud!

    "I accept defeat. Sorry, I was wrong."

    Andrea's gaze fell on Lin Yan as she said, "I said so earlier. If you win, I will eat the clock."

    Without any hesitation, she strode quickly over to the clock.

    Lin Yan grabbed Andrea by her arm.

    Andrea whirled around with a puzzled expression.

    "Miss Andrea, you are mistaken. That bet happened because you thought that she was Yeva. However, she unfortunately wasn't. Hence, the bet is scrapped." Lin Yan grinned at Andrea.

    Andrea blinked in surprise as she listened to Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan was giving her a chance to get out of this situation.

    "Thank you."

    Andrea nodded at Lin Yan gratefully.

    "I knew that there was something odd about Yeva. How could she possibly lose to someone like her?" the female K1 captain suddenly blurted out.

    "Indeed. She couldn't even beat a racer from a lowly team... How could she be the real Yeva?"

    "Top teams aside, I reckon that any ordinary racer could beat this woman." The female captain sneered, looking haughty.

    A mysterious smile appeared at the corners of Lin Yan's mouth. "Why don't you try then? Someone else could still eat this clock."
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