513 Its a Matter of Time

    "You want me to race with you?"

    The female K1 captain cast Lin Yan a disdainful glance. She then sneered and replied, "I don't think there is a need."

    "Are you afraid?" Lin Yan grinned.

    "I don't care even if you really think so." The female captain snorted and rattled on, "Do you think I would simply race with any unknown racer? If you can't accept this, you can try to bring your team up to K1's level and standards. However, I'm afraid that's impossible."

    Lin Yan grinned and replied, "It's only a matter of time until the He family team defeats the K1 team."

    Everyone studied Lin Yan with odd expressions as she spoke.

    Was there something wrong with this woman's brain?

    What kind of a team was the He family team?

    Was there anything the He family team could use to go against the K1 team?

    Beating the K1 team aside, it would be an absurd idea for the He family team to even be qualified to challenge any of the K1 sub teams.

    Even teams like ZH1 and WW felt that Lin Yan was being delusional, despite knowing how good Lin Yan was.

    Andrea glanced at Lin Shuya and Han Yixuan, who stood away, and said sharply, "Both of you better explain this clearly to everyone present."

    Han Yixuan and Lin Shuya glanced at each other after Andrea spoke.

    Lin Shuya cursed under breath at how that imposter had caused her harm.

    If that imposter had been smart, she would have been able to handle this matter. Then, the role of the Race Track's Grim Reaper would have been hers!

    Alas! She had chosen to flee for her life!

    Lin Shuya was caught in a predicament. If this incident was made known, it would make it harder for her to get the role that she wanted. On top of that, Andrea would come to loathe her.

    Lin Shuya's eyes flickered as she racked her brains for a strategy. No matter what, she would never allow herself to be blamed!

    "Lin Shuya, are you intending to clam up forever? I accepted your invitation and traveled all the way here just to meet an imposter?" Andrea's voice turned shriller.

    Andrea had seemed like a pleasant, docile little girl in front of the Race Track's Grim Reaper.

    However, after that woman had been discovered to be a fraud, she transformed and shed her facade.

    Lin Shuya's eyes trailed to Andrea as she opened her mouth. Before she could speak, a bodyguard ran over to Lin Shuya and whispered in her ear.

    The expression on Lin Shuya's face changed slightly.

    "Everyone, Sister Andrea, Xufeng, all this... was a misunderstanding." Lin Shuya spoke hastily.

    "A misunderstanding?"

    Everyone was dumbfounded as Lin Shuya's words echoed.

    That imposter had lost to an unknown racer and fled the scene. What kind of misunderstanding was that?

    "Lin Shuya, you better make yourself clear. What do you mean it was a misunderstanding?" Andrea scowled at Lin Shuya, looking murderous.
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