514 How Dare You Come Back

    Lin Shuya bowed her head slightly before she explained to Andrea. "The truth is... I'm not very sure... But I want to inform everyone that Madam Yeva, who left earlier on, has returned."


    Andrea was startled.

    She came back?

    Hadn't she fled in her car? Why would she return?

    Other than Andrea, Wei Xufeng and the rest of the captains were also full of disbelief.

    If she had really been an imposter, she would have run for her life. Why would she choose to return to the villa?

    How could there be such a dumb con artist?

    However, it was fruitless for them to speculate aimlessly about the truth. Since the woman had returned, they could interrogate her directly and force the truth out of her.

    Before Lin Shuya could respond, the woman in the silver-colored uniform walked weakly back to the villa.

    "How dare you come back..."

    Andrea narrowed her eyes menacingly at her. How dare she have the audacity to pretend to be Boss! She must have a death wish!

    Lin Yan scrutinized the woman who walked slowly towards them.

    Everyone, including Lin Yan, was surprised by the imposter. How dare she come back as though nothing had happened?

    "Everyone, I'm so sorry. Something came up earlier and I couldn't inform you," the woman said as she turned to address everyone.

    "Imposter! What is there left to be explained?" Andrea chided her sharply.

    The woman looked taken aback, as though she was confused.

    Lin Yan had the urge to applaud the woman's fantastic acting. She acted so well that she should be an actress instead of a con artist. She might even win an award someday...

    "Are you still trying to lie?" Andrea cut across impatiently.

    "Sister Andrea, calm down. There could really be a misunderstanding. Why don't we let her explain first? Or perhaps she could prove her identity? If you still don't believe her, then we will let you handle this," Lin Shuya told Andrea gently.

    "Alright, let's give her the chance to explain. Tell us what happened." Andrea finally gave in.

    "Madam Yeva, please explain to all of us what happened just now. Why would you lose to an unknown racer? You even fled the scene when you heard that we had called the police," God Z said clearly.

    The woman looked composed and calm as she replied, "I think that there is no need for me to explain at all."

    Andrea looked as though she was about to explode. Thus, the imposter hastily quipped, "Forget it. Since you want to know, I can explain."

    "Speak. We are listening," Wei Xufeng replied.

    "My injury acted up while I was racing just now. Other than that, the car also wasn't working properly and when I got to the finish line, I lost control of the system. Hence, the car went off the track. After I managed to get the car running once more, I couldn't take the pain anymore and I had to rush to a nearby hospital," the imposter expounded calmly.
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