515 Excellent Imitation Of the Essence Of Her Style

    "Is my explanation clear enough?" the imposter probed when no one answered.

    Pei Yutang stared at the imposter in disbelief. "Miss, are you treating us as fools? Can't you think of a better excuse even if you want to spin a lie? Improve on the logic and rephrase every word!"

    It was the first time Pei Yutang felt that someone had insulted his intelligence.

    "Done?" Qi Shaoyuan gave her a scathing smile. "Are you playing us? You lost control of the car? Why didn't you die in an accident then? And you went to the hospital? Did you go there to check on your under-developed brain?"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    She had to admit that Qi Shaoyuan was indeed extremely vicious and mean.

    "That's why I didn't think anyone would believe me... Hence, I didn't want to explain," the imposter replied as she scanned everyone's faces.

    Lin Yan stared at the imposter in a reverie. This woman had indeed imitated her expressions and tone of speaking back when she had been in the WZ team. Her impersonation was nearly perfect...

    If her identity was being doubted, she had a hunch that she would behave like this woman was behaving right now.

    She would say that it was none of anyone's business whether she was Yeva or not... Why should she explain anything to them?

    That imposter had imitated the essence of her style.

    "Oh yeah. If you don't believe me, you can check my car. You can also go to the hospital to check. All these things should verify my explanation."


    Andrea nodded and said stiffly, "Since you have asked, we shall satisfy you."

    "I can take care of that," Lin Shuya blurted out.

    "It's fine." Andrea glanced at Lin Shuya briefly before she said, "We can all do it together."

    Lin Yan glanced at Andrea. This Hollywood actress was quite shrewd and smart. She wouldn't be hoodwinked so easily the moment she started having doubts.

    Andrea was aware that Lin Shuya and Han Yixuan had invited the imposter. How could she allow the two of them to handle such crucial pieces of evidence? Who knew whether they were in cahoots?

    "Alright, go ahead. I need to rest. You don't have to worry about me escaping. If I really wanted to, I wouldn't have come back."

    "I'll stay behind. Until the truth comes to light, I will be with Madam Yeva," Mumu replied.


    Half an hour later, they got a professional to inspect the car.

    The results shocked everyone.

    There was indeed something wrong with the car. The brakes weren't working, and the system had malfunctioned. There was a huge amount of pressure on the tires as well.

    "Could it really be a misunderstanding? If that woman is really Yeva... it's a miracle that she managed to get to the finish line despite the malfunctioning system. Only an expert racer could have done that... That was why she lost to that racer from the small team," the female captain of K1 opined aloud.

    "To the hospital." Andrea frowned in silence.

    Everyone went to the hospital and found the doctor who had treated her. They even managed to check the footage of the surveillance cameras.

    That woman wasn't lying. She had really visited the hospital after the race.
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