517 The Actual Yeva

    The imposter, who sat on the couch, scanned everyone's faces before she replied coldly, "I don't think there is a need."

    "There isn't a need?"

    Andrea, who remained stoic, replied coldly, "This is the simplest and most efficient way to prove your identity. If you think that this will disturb them, you can show us your driving license."

    "I still don't see the need," the woman replied stiffly.

    "Do you think we are idiots?" Qi Shaoyuan surveyed the imposter with a scornful look. "We want you to call one of your apprentices and you are saying that you can't. You also refuse to show us your driving license. How do you want to prove your identity?"

    Lin Shuya frowned in vexation. Based on the way she had acted, the woman was most likely an imposter.

    The woman sat quietly on the couch, displaying no trace of emotion whatsoever.

    Without giving them a chance to press on, the woman grinned. "How about Sun Shuoran?"

    "Sun Shuoran?"

    Wei Xufeng and the others exchanged brief looks.

    They were certainly familiar with Sun Shuoran. He was one of Yeva's apprentices and he was quite famous too.

    "Sure," Andrea quipped.

    The woman whipped out her phone.

    Seconds later, a young man appeared on the screen of the woman's phone.

    "Coach, why are you calling me so late at night?"

    The man seemed to have just come out of the shower.

    "Shuoran, where are you?" asked the woman.

    "I just landed a few hours ago. I am in China," replied the man.

    "That's a coincidence. I'm here as well. Do you want to meet up?" asked the imposter.

    The man froze momentarily. "Coach, you're here as well? I'm in the capital city. Where are you?"

    "I'll send you my location."

    The imposter ended the call.

    Everyone was startled when they saw the face on the screen.

    They could recognize the man's face. He was indeed Sun Shuoran, Yeva's apprentice. There was no mistake.

    "Did she do something to the video? Or perhaps she edited the face! Something is odd!" Qi Shaoyuan stole a glance at Lin Yan before he spoke.

    "I knew you would all be suspicious. Hence, I asked Sun Shuoran to come here." The imposter seemed unruffled.

    "Did she edit the video..."

    One of the captains explained promptly, "I have some related knowledge. If the video was edited, I would know. That man in the video was definitely Sun Shuoran himself. The video was not edited..."

    "Was it really a misunderstanding?"

    Andrea's eyes darted around, looking shocked and uneasy.

    To put it plainly, this woman was Boss. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, they had maligned her. They had disrespected the actual Yeva!

    "The video is real and unedited. I am very certain and I'll be held responsible for what I've said," quipped Wei Xufeng.

    Many of them began to feel guilty and uneasy.

    They had shown such apparent hostility and disrespect to Yeva earlier.

    "Does this mean that I've proven my identity?" probed the imposter.

    "Boss... Earlier... everything seemed really coincidental..." Wei Xufeng explained softly.
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