516 Good Idea

    On the screen that displayed the surveillance footage, the imposter was seen ambling weakly into the hospital. Her leg seemed to be injured.

    The doctor's diagnosis had also concurred with her claims that her old injuries had acted up again.

    "How could... this be?"

    Qi Shaoyuan looked taken aback. He was in complete disbelief.

    If he hadn't known that Lin Yan was Yeva, he would have believed that this was truly a misunderstanding.

    However... this shouldn't have happened. How could there be such a timely coincidence?

    That imposter claimed that the system was malfunctioning. After a thorough inspection, it was proved that she was telling the truth.

    The imposter had said that she had come to the hospital due to her old injuries. In the end, her statement coincided with the hospital's records. So what on earth was going on?

    Everyone turned to question each other with meaningful looks. Was this really a misunderstanding?

    Yeva's injuries had acted up during the competition with Lin Yan. Then her car had malfunctioned, so she had sped out of the racing track. After she had regained control of the car, she'd had to rush to the hospital due to the pain in her injuries. That was why she hadn't come back to the villa.

    In the morning, she had also rejected the competition with K1 due to exhaustion. Now that her injuries had acted up... the pieces of the story seemed to fit...

    "Did we misunderstand Madam Yeva?" One of the K1 captains pondered aloud.

    "I think so. We inspected the car and checked everything... It sounds logical."

    "If Yeva was a fraud, why would she return? Wouldn't she be in trouble if she did?"

    Andrea seemed to look apprehensive.

    "Why should we waste our breath speculating? Isn't it easy for us to confirm her identity?" An idea seized Qi Shaoyuan suddenly before he shouted.

    Everyone's gazes landed on Qi Shaoyuan.

    "We haven't seen Yeva before, but others have! For instance, Lang Mang, Death Knight, and the rest. We can verify by asking one of her apprentices!" Qi Shaoyuan exclaimed.

    "Yeah, you're right!" Pei Yutang nodded ferociously. "Brilliant idea! A video call would be an easy way! We may not have seen Yeva's face, but we've seen Lang Mang and Death Knight before!"

    "This is a good idea." Andrea nodded after some contemplation.

    Lin Shuya suddenly lost her confidence. Who knew if that woman was the real or fake Yeva. If she was real, then everything would be fine. If she was an imposter, she would be ruined instantly.

    "I agree with their suggestion," Wei Xufeng added solemnly.

    After everyone agreed to the idea, they traipsed back to the villa.


    "Boss, you don't object to that idea?"

    Qi Shaoyuan stole a quick glance at Lin Yan after making sure that no one was looking.

    "I'm fine with it." Lin Yan gave a nonchalant shrug.

    That imposter wasn't an easy person to deal with. If they didn't use this method, they would have to waste more time and effort to make her reveal her true colors.

    "Let's see if she will be able to continue her pretense!" Qi Shaoyuan sneered smugly.


    The imposter was invited outside once more.

    "Have you investigated?" she asked.

    "Everything matches your claims... However, we can't be entirely sure. Hence, we want you to video call one of your apprentices," said Wei Xufeng.
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