518 Blame Me Instead

    The imposter shook her head with a faint smile. "I can understand. If I were all of you, I would be suspicious as well. Everything seemed to be a coincidence so it seemed unlikely. However, I'm me and I can't transform into anyone else."

    "Boss... I'm terribly sorry... I've offended you..." Andrea whispered to Yeva, looking apologetic.

    "It's fine," the imposter answered.

    "What... What is going on?"

    Qi Shaoyuan was confused by this series of events.

    Both Wei Xufeng and the captain had vouched that the video was real. However, if that was true, how could Sun Shuoran not have recognized his own coach's face? How could this be a mistake?

    "Sister-in-law, you're in trouble! Let's flee!"

    Pei Yutang pulled Lin Yan to a corner hastily.

    Lin Yan was the one who had started everything. Now that the truth had come to light and it had turned out that it was just a misunderstanding, everyone would blame it on Lin Yan!

    "There is no hurry." Lin Yan chuckled softly.

    Pei Yutang was speechless...

    "Daddy! This is an extreme emergency. How can you not be anxious?" Pei Yutang drew in a long breath. He was at a loss for words.


    "Boss, how is your injury?"

    Wei Xufeng glanced at the woman on the couch.

    "I'm fine, don't worry," quipped the imposter.

    Lin Shuya and Han Yixuan heaved a sigh of relief as they assessed the current situation.

    After the video call, they were now certain that this woman was the real Yeva.

    "Sister... I know that you hate me, but Madam Yeva is a respected guest of Yixuan and I. How could you malign Madam Yeva? She agreed to race with you despite the pain..." Lin Shuya feigned a pitiful expression as she looked at Lin Yan.

    Everyone's attention was diverted to Lin Yan because of Lin Shuya's grievances.

    "In hindsight, this woman was the source of all this trouble! What is she plotting?"

    "She is a D-list actress and an unknown racer, yet she is acting high and mighty! How dare she accuse Madam Yeva of being a fraud? She is vile and despicable! She has defiled Madam Yeva by racing with her!" The female K1 captain sneered coldly in contempt.

    "This has nothing to do with Miss Lin Yan. Don't drag her into this matter. After Yeva lost to her, all of you began to get suspicious of Yeva. Aren't you going overboard by pushing the blame on Lin Yan?" Qi Shaoyuan addressed everyone sharply.

    "He is right. Miss Lin Yan has nothing to do with this." God Z chimed in readily.

    "Lin Yan is still my sister. I hope that all of you can forgive her. You can blame me instead. I want to apologize..." Lin Shuya bent her back to bow before everyone.

    "Shuya, this has nothing to do with you. You don't have to defend her. Madam Yeva was injured, which was why she couldn't compete with K1. Lin Yan knew that and she challenged Madam Yeva on purpose. Her intention was to stir chaos today." Han Yixuan consoled Lin Shuya.

    "Miss Shuya, even though she is your sister, you shouldn't shoulder the blame on her behalf. In what way is she worthy of your kindness?" the female K1 captain hissed with a long scathing look.
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