519 Yevas Apprentice Appeared

    "Lin Yan, I had no idea how scheming you were." Wei Xufeng scrutinized Lin Yan in disappointment.

    "Who the hell invited this woman? I don't wish to see her anymore. Can someone get her to leave?" The imposter looked irritated and annoyed.

    Pei Yutang wanted to defend Lin Yan, but he was at a loss for words.

    Qi Shaoyuan was mutinous as well. However, the events had unfolded into something that was beyond his control.

    "Is that enough?"

    Lin Yan, who had been silent all this while, suddenly broke the silence and managed a faint, wry smile.

    "Lin Yan, apologize to Boss right now!" Wei Xufeng commanded her coldly.

    "I don't think it's right to apologize to an imposter." Lin Yan smiled quietly.

    "What did you say?"

    "What is wrong with this woman? How dare she accuse Madam Yeva again!"

    "She is here to take advantage of the situation!"

    "Lin Yan, what evidence do you have for accusing Madam Yeva?" Wei Xufeng questioned Lin Yan sharply.

    "Evidence?" Lin Yan shook her head, looking unperturbed. "If I say that she is lying, then she is. My words are the evidence."

    "I'm truly amazed by how shameless she can be!" one of the K1 racers yelled.

    "Miss Lin Yan, you're not even fit to speak to Madam Yeva. Instead of feeling grateful that you met her and even competed against her in a race, you have maligned her with hurtful accusations. I think that Young Master Qi and God Z have made a wrong friend."

    A K1 captain turned to God Z. "God Z, how could you invite someone like her to a private dinner to meet Madam Yeva? ZH1's reputation will be defiled if this spreads."

    God Z and Mumu looked awkward, as they couldn't understand why Lin Yan was so adamant about accusing Yeva.

    Pei Yutang was about to retort when Lin Shuya heard that Sun Shuoran had arrived.

    "Mr. Sun Shuoran is here," Lin Shuya announced confidently.

    Sun Shuoran, who was wearing a suit, strode purposefully toward the hall.


    The imposter beamed as she rose and walked past Lin Yan without a glance.

    "Coach, it has been a long time." Sun Shuoran smiled gently at the imposter.

    "It's Sun Shuoran indeed!"

    Sun Shuoran's appearance erased all traces of doubt that the woman wasn't truly Yeva. There was no mistake about that.

    Wei Xufeng scowled at Lin Yan before he walked past her.

    "Daddy, did you see that? Sun Shuoran is really here! That woman isn't a fraud!" Pei Yutang tugged at Lin Yan's arm. "Let's slip out of here now!"

    Lin Yan's eyes darted to the man. Indeed, this was her apprentice, Sun Shuoran.

    It was a pity that Sun Shuoran didn't manage to spot Lin Yan. Otherwise, his expression might have contained a myriad of other emotions.


    "Mr. Sun Shuoran, can we just check with you? Is this really Yeva?" Qi Shaoyuan frowned as he questioned Qi Shaoyuan.

    Sun Shuoran smiled at Qi Shaoyuan and quipped, "What is that all about? How could there be another Yeva?"
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