520 Tell Me, Is She Your Coach?

    "Mr. Sun Shuoran, we don't want to keep this from you. Earlier on, someone expressed her doubts regarding Madam Yeva's identity..." the female K1 captain said promptly.

    "Oh? That really happened? How interesting." Sun Shuoran seemed amused.

    "Where is Lin Yan? Get her here!" the female K1 captain yelled angrily.

    Pei Yutang sighed heavily. They were done. There was no escaping now.

    "Daddy, what are we supposed to do now?" Pei Yutang turned to Lin Yan, looking desperate and scared.

    Lin Yan, who was wearing a faint smile, looked composed and calm.

    "Why should you be scared? Let's go meet Sun Shuoran," replied Lin Yan airily.

    Pei Yutang stammered, "Daddy... I feel that... I'm going to perish here tonight because of you..."

    Lin Yan had already marched forward before Pei Yutang could finish talking. He scurried after her when he realized it.

    It was late at night and the lights were dim in the villa. Sun Shuoran could only make out a lady's silhouette walking towards him. He couldn't see her features.

    "She is the one?" asked Sun Shuoran casually.

    "Yes, Mr. Sun Shuoran. She is the woman who tried to cause trouble by provoking Madam Yeva consistently." The K1 female captain confirmed this aloud.

    "Mr. Sun Shuoran, you don't have to bother with an unknown woman like her. We can just get the bodyguards to take her out."

    "I think Miss Lin Yan has misunderstood something about Madam Yeva. There is no need to get the bodyguards." God Z frowned.

    "Mr. Sun Shuoran, Madam Yeva, I'm terribly sorry. Don't blame my sister. You can blame me instead. I will be held responsible for everything..." Lin Shuya inhaled deeply before speaking.

    "Shuya, this isn't your fault. We have seen how kind you are to Lin Yan, but she is too much! She should be held responsible for her own blunders," Wei Xufeng replied softly.

    "Shuya, I've told you that Lin Yan is sly and scheming. She is extremely devious too. One day, you will be ruined by her!"

    "This is indeed good acting."

    Lin Yan, who had a bright grin on her face, ambled slowly towards them.

    "Mr. Sun Shuoran, what do you think?" The corners of Lin Yan's mouth curled into an ambiguous smile as she gazed into Sun Shuoran's eyes intensely.

    "Where did this woman come from? First, she challenged Madam Yeva, and now she is talking to Mr. Sun Shuoran in such a rude manner..." someone in the crowd chided her aloud.

    "Lin Yan, you're digging your own grave." Wei Xufeng hissed dangerously as he eyed Lin Yan. He couldn't conceal the loathing in his eyes any longer.

    Lin Yan ignored Wei Xufeng and the others and peered at Sun Shuoran.

    Disbelief and shock were evident in Sun Shuoran's wide eyes.

    How could he not recognize the woman in front of him?

    Sun Shuoran was astounded and stunned as he trembled.

    "Aren't you going to scram? Do you really want us to get the bodyguards to make you go?" the K1 female captain chided her harshly.

    "Seal that stinky mouth of yours!" Sun Shuoran whirled around to the female captain and admonished her fiercely.


    The female captain received a rude shock. Was Sun Shuoran referring to her?

    "Sun Shuoran, tell me. Is she really your coach, Yeva?" Lin Yan chuckled as she asked softly.
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