521 Exposed

    Beads of perspiration were rolling down Sun Shuoran's forehead as he gaped at Lin Yan. He had never thought that he would meet his coach at the dinner tonight.

    At the moment, everyone was staring at Sun Shuoran in puzzlement, completely unaware of what was going on.

    "Lin Yan, you..."

    Wei Xufeng stared at Lin Yan and was about to speak when Sun Shuoran cut across. "No... no..."


    Everyone fell silent when Sun Shuoran said no. The hall became so quiet that they could almost hear each other's heartbeats.

    What was Sun Shuoran referring to?

    "Sun Shuoran?"

    The imposter frowned when she heard Sun Shuoran. However, surprise soon filled her eyes.

    No one else understood what was happening, but Qi Shaoyuan knew.

    He grinned at Sun Shuoran wryly.

    Sun Shuoran would never have expected to meet the real Yeva here.

    "Mr. Sun Shuoran, what do you mean?" Andrea glanced at Sun Shuoran, looking thoroughly confused.

    Sun Shuoran couldn't be bothered to pay attention to anyone else. He was trembling in anxiety and fear.

    "Follow me."

    Lin Yan turned on her heel and left.

    Everyone's jaws dropped when Sun Shuoran really followed Lin Yan.

    Initially, the K1 team and Andrea wanted to follow them as well. However, Qi Shaoyuan stopped them.

    "Young Master Qi, what are you trying to do?" one of the K1 captains asked.

    "They have some matters to talk about. This has nothing to do with any of you. Are you trying to eavesdrop?" Qi Shaoyuan snorted coldly.

    The K1 captain, who seemed awkward, clammed up.


    "Captain, that is odd. How does Miss Lin Yan know Sun Shuoran? And look at Sun Shuoran's behavior... Something is amiss..." Mumu whispered to God Z.

    God Z nodded in agreement. He was equally curious about Sun Shuoran and Lin Yan's relationship.

    "Stop talking and let's follow them," God Z suggested under his breath.

    "Alright." Mumu nodded and agreed readily.

    They seized an opportunity while Qi Shaoyuan was busy blocking the others to sneak away.


    Lin Yan sat on a couch in a room and surveyed Sun Shuoran with a mysterious smile.

    Sun Shuoran stood beside Lin Yan, hanging his head in shame. It seemed as though he was a child waiting for his parent to punish him.

    "Sun Shuoran, do you have anything to say?" Lin Yan watched Sun Shuoran quietly for some time before she asked this.

    Sun Shuoran shivered in fear, and there was a deep crease between his eyebrows. "Coach... I..."

    "Coach?" Lin Yan chuckled coldly. "Isn't the woman outside supposed to be your coach?"

    "No... Coach... I have my reasons for saying that... Can you please listen to me first? It's not what you imagine." Sun Shuoran sounded anxious.

    "Alright, I shall listen to your excuses," quipped Lin Yan airily.

    "Coach, it's not an excuse or a lie. I want to explain... I know I'm wrong, but... Coach... That girl has been impersonating you months ago. I exposed her the first time..." Sun Shuoran sighed gravely as he explained.

    God Z and Mumu stood outside the room. As they listened intently to the conversation, waves of disbelief and shock crashed over them.
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