522 Coach, Forgive Me

    Lin Yan, who was sitting on the couch, didn't interrupt at all as she listened to Sun Shuoran.

    After a long time, Sun Shuoran fell silent and Lin Yan raised her head to look at him. "So you mean that after you exposed the woman for the first time, you fell in love with her in the end?"

    This had caught Lin Yan by surprise. How could that happen?

    "Coach... I... I really had no choice..." Sun Shuoran sighed heavily mid-sentence. "I have warned her that she can't continue impersonating you, but... I didn't expect that she would attempt it once more. She called me just now to admit it... and she said that she had been exposed and that she was in danger. I didn't give it much thought due to the urgency of the situation... That was why I helped her continue her lie."

    "What about the silver car?" Lin Yan glanced at Sun Shuoran, looking pensive.

    "It was me. She fled in the car and called me in a fluster. Coincidentally, I was near her location in the capital city, so I rushed to look for her and helped her think of a solution. I was the one who tampered with the car too. Hence, the inspection results revealed that the system has malfunctioned... As for her injury, she was originally injured." Sun Shuoran expounded, looking uneasy and fearful.

    "No wonder." Lin Yan nodded in comprehension.

    If Sun Shuoran had indeed helped her, that would explain everything.

    That was why the imposter would dare to return with such boldness and audacity. She had Sun Shuoran backing her up.

    "Coach, I'm begging you... Forgive me this time..." Sun Shuoran was on tenterhooks as he noticed how quiet Lin Yan was.

    If this news were to spread, how would he face his fellow apprentices?

    He wouldn't be able to stay in this industry if news of him helping a woman impersonate his coach were to spread.

    "Do you really like her?" Lin Yan was curious as she probed, "I thought that you liked aloof and arrogant girls?"

    Sun Shuoran was speechless...

    "Ahem... No, I'm just attracted to her... She has no idea that I like her. She assumed that I needed the money and even promised to give me half of her share. Coach, you know that I don't need the money... I just..." Sun Shuoran stammered helplessly.

    Lin Yan was rendered speechless by Sun Shuoran's confession. How could she possibly retort?

    "This shall be the last time. It can never happen again. If I discover it..." Lin Yan studied Sun Shuoran intently.

    "Coach, don't worry! You will never discover anything!" Sun Shuoran yelled confidently.

    "What?" Lin Yan's face fell and she became solemn.

    "No... I mean, Coach, there will never be a second time. Therefore, you will never discover anything..." Sun Shuoran hurriedly corrected himself.

    "That sounds better." Lin Yan finally nodded.

    "Coach, are you still angry with me?" Sun Shuoran pressed on when he noticed that Lin Yan didn't look angry.

    "On account of your filial piety previously, I shall forgive you. But like I've said, if this happens again, I will come after you personally." Lin Yan grinned at him.

    "Thank you, Coach! Oh yeah, that girl..." Sun Shuoran's eyes gleamed hopefully at Lin Yan.

    "I shall not pursue the matter on your account. Go outside and announce her real identity and take her away." Lin Yan deliberated briefly before she answered.
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