523 Lin Yan Was Yeva!

    Sun Shuoran felt immensely relieved when Lin Yan promised that she would not pursue the matter.

    God Z and Mumu froze in shock outside the room.

    Mumu snapped back to his senses first and turned stiffly to God Z. "Captain... Oh, my god. Sun Shuoran said that Miss Lin Yan is his coach, right? And he admitted that the imposter indeed pretended to be his coach!"

    God Z was equally flabbergasted. "Did our ears fail us?"

    Mumu jerked his head violently. "How could it be? Captain, he said it so many times. How could we possibly hear the wrong thing over and over again? Besides... the two of us heard the same thing!"

    God Z drew in a long breath as he stared at Mumu. "That means... Miss Lin Yan... She is..."

    "Miss Lin Yan... is the real Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva!" Mumu spluttered in shock.

    "Are we having some sort of a dream? Captain... This is unbelievable. The Race Track's Grim Reaper is Miss Lin Yan! She is quite close to us and even dined with us before. Oh! She also competed on our behalf! I'm losing my mind!" Mumu yelled loudly.

    "No wonder... No wonder..." God Z seemed to be lost deep in thought.

    "Captain, what's wrong?" asked Mumu.

    "Try to recall all the incidents that happened. Miss Lin Yan is supposedly an ordinary racer, yet she possesses such skill and ability. It doesn't seem logical! How could she possibly beat WW and the entire Speed team, excluding Air Commander?" God Z opined thoughtfully.

    "Indeed... It's illogical!" Mumu agreed readily.

    "I finally understand why Air Commander behaved in such an odd manner after he met Miss Lin Yan and refused to race with her. Air Commander must have met Yeva before. Hence, he recognized her!" God Z deduced after some deliberation.

    Mumu appeared enlightened as he cried, "Yeah! You are right! I recall what happened that day!"

    "Miss Lin Yan also took on the role of a navigator to help her cousin... If she was Yeva, that would explain everything. An expert like Yeva would naturally be a brilliant navigator!" God Z pressed on.

    "Oh, dear. The He family team is really a bunch of idiots. How could they not know that Lin Yan was Yeva? But Captain, why would Yeva conceal her identity? I can understand that she returned home after retiring, but why did she become an actress?" Mumu scratched his head in puzzlement.

    "I have no idea." God Z shook his head. "Maybe... Yeva likes acting? As for hiding who she really is... this has always been her style. Didn't she always appear with her helmet on? She never gave any interviews or appeared in public either... I can't understand why..."

    "Captain... Does this have anything to do with Yeva's retirement? Perhaps she had to conceal her identity as she embarked on her new career as an artist?" Mumu reeled off in a daze.

    "How would I know?" God Z rolled his eyes. "I have no answers either. I'm not her after all. Who should I ask?"

    Mumu was speechless...

    "Captain... The world is indeed teeming with extraordinary surprises. How could this happen to us? To think that we got Yeva to challenge ZH1! We even fought alongside Yeva! I'm indeed her devoted fan!" Mumu cried in excitement.
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