525 A Horrible Death

    The imposter surveyed Lin Yan and Sun Shuoran with an unhappy expression. "Shuoran, what is going on?"

    The arrogance on Sun Shuoran's face had completely vanished. He looked as though he was a little sapling battered after a vicious storm. He was trembling slightly, and fear was etched on his face. He didn't dare to glance at Lin Yan.

    His coach had gone missing for some time. Even her other apprentices hadn't managed to contact or locate her. Everyone claimed that his coach had retired for good and she wouldn't return. That was why he had dared to take the risk to help that woman.

    How could he possibly expect to meet his coach here? Plus, she had found out that he had covered up for the imposter!

    At the moment, he really wanted to bang his head against a wall!

    He was aware that his coach didn't care about all these titles. However, if the other apprentices were to know, he would die a terrible death!

    He could only blame himself for loving someone blindly!

    "Sun Shuoran..." The imposter's expression turned ugly when Sun Shuoran clammed up.

    "Shut up!"

    Sun Shuoran lashed out fiercely as he turned to the imposter. "Imposter! How dare you pretend to be my coach! Do you have a death wish?"

    Everyone stood rooted to the ground when they heard Sun Shuoran. The K1 female captain had gone stiff with shock.


    Sun Shuoran had said that this woman was an imposter!

    Lin Shuya was reeling in shock as her voice trembled. "Mr. Sun... are you mistaken? Earlier, you said that she was..."

    Sun Shuoran turned mutinous when Lin Shuya mentioned the thing he felt most guilty about. He glanced cautiously in the direction of Lin Yan.

    He swallowed his saliva and tried to explain frantically. "I have no idea how that imposter got my number! It was dark earlier and I didn't manage to see her face clearly. If I hadn't come here personally, I would have been fooled by her!"

    That woman, who hadn't expected that Sun Shuoran would betray her, got flustered and cried out, "Sun Shuoran! Do you have any idea what you're talking about?"

    Sun Shuoran chided her sternly, "As my coach's apprentice, do you think I wouldn't be able to recognize her?"

    Sun Shuoran may not have been the most brilliant racer. He was considered the worst out of all of Yeva's apprentices after all. However, everyone still treated him with respect and believed his every word.

    "This woman... is indeed a fraud?" one of the K1 captains blurted out in disbelief.

    "Since Sun Shuoran has spoken, how could it be a lie? She must be a fraud! How could an apprentice not recognize his own coach?"

    "F*ck! Lin Yan was right!"

    Everyone glanced instinctively at Lin Yan, who looked nonchalant.

    But how had Lin Yan known?

    Why had she been so certain that this woman was an imposter?

    After Sun Shuoran had returned with Lin Yan, he had retracted his previous statement. The imposter was caught off guard as everyone's hushed whispers and judgment surrounded her. She felt as though they had splashed acid on her, thus corroding her pretense.

    The name Yeva, and the honor and glory that it brought, crumbled instantly. The fraud was left behind, defenseless and defeated.

    The woman stared at Sun Shuoran in silence. She had no idea how Lin Yan had managed to convince Sun Shuoran, but she knew that it was too late...
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