524 Immense Pressure

    God Z fell silent before he pressed on. "Me too..."

    "I finally understand why Young Master Qi acted so strangely today. I reckon he knows that Miss Lin Yan is the Race Track's Grim Reaper," added Mumu softly.

    Before God Z could respond, a shadow loomed over their heads.

    God Z raised his head and saw Lin Yan peering at them closely.

    Mumu was speechless...

    God Z was speechless...

    "God Z, Mumu, why are the two of you crouching here?" Lin Yan glanced at them, looking curious.

    She couldn't comprehend why they were behaving so secretly.

    "I... Miss Lin Yan... I really didn't think that... you..." God Z stammered before he suddenly realized something.

    If he told her what he had heard, wouldn't it reveal that he and Mumu had been eavesdropping on her?

    "Huh?" Lin Yan's frown deepened.

    "I really had no idea that you knew Mr. Sun Shuoran." God Z smiled guiltily.

    Lin Yan nodded. "Oh. Yeah, I met him some time ago. Right, Sun Shuoran?"

    Sun Shuoran hurriedly chimed in, "Yeah, I'm good friends with Miss Lin Yan."

    Mumu and God Z exchanged a look.

    The two of them acted pretty well, especially Lin Yan. No wonder she was an actress.

    She was Yeva, and Sun Shuoran was her apprentice... However, they claimed that they were friends.

    "When did the two of you come here?" asked Lin Yan.

    "We... We just came a few seconds ago to try to understand what is going on. Then, we saw the two of you coming out." God Z put on a straight face.

    He used to be able to chat freely with Lin Yan. Now, but everything was different now...

    They'd had no idea that Lin Yan was the Race Track's Grim Reaper before that day!

    Now, they did feel some pressure.

    "Let's go. Sun Shuoran will attest that the woman is an imposter," replied Lin Yan.

    "Oh! She is really an imposter?" Mumu feigned surprise.

    Sun Shuoran nodded. "Yeah, she is an imposter. I couldn't tell the difference earlier... They look alike... and the room was dark..."

    Mumu bit back a chuckle.

    It was obvious that he liked that imposter and had helped her with the lie. Who would have expected that his real coach would be present too and would expose the fraud right away? Claiming that the room was dark was a lame excuse...

    "I understand. It's normal not to recognize your own coach," Mumu blurted out.

    Sun Shuoran felt awkward when he heard Mumu.

    "No, no! I mean, it's normal that you couldn't recognize her in the dark. Plus, they look alike... Even their voices sound alike!" Mumu grinned sheepishly.

    He was right. That woman sounded like Lin Yan, so almost everyone was unaware of the truth.


    Lin Yan and Sun Shuoran returned to the main hall of the villa.

    Everyone remained there, as no one had left.

    Mumu turned to the K1 team and grinned wryly at them, especially at the female captain.

    If that woman knew that Lin Yan was Yeva, he wondered what her expression would be like.

    Lin Shuya eyed Lin Yan and Sun Shuoran with a frown. How had Lin Yan met Sun Shuoran? It was impossible!

    Lin Yan had been merely a racer overseas. How could she have gotten to know someone like Sun Shuoran?

    Besides, hadn't Sun Shuoran admitted that Yeva was here? What exactly was going on right now?
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