526 Coach Is a Fairy

    The imposter knew that everything would be over if Sun Shuoran refused to help her with the lie.

    She certainly had no wish to implicate Sun Shuoran as well. Hence, she tried to make her escape during the commotion.

    "F*ck! Don't let that imposter escape!" someone yelled at the bodyguards while Lin Shuya and Han Yixuan apologized profusely to everyone around them. Meanwhile, Andrea was lashing out at them, looking mutinous.

    Lin Yan studied the scene, looking detached as she yawned. She informed Pei Yutang that she was leaving and turned around without another word.

    Han Yixuan was distressed and anxious as he cried out, "Mr. Sun! I'm so sorry. We had no idea that she was an imposter! We were certainly not in cahoots with her!"

    Initially, they had assumed that the imposter was the real Yeva after they'd heard her conversation with Sun Shuoran. Who would have thought that things would take a drastic turn for the worse?

    Lin Shuya had no time to think any longer. She could only swallow her grievances at the moment. Looking aggrieved and pitiful, she said, "Mr. Sun, Miss Andrea, and everyone else. We are so sorry. We didn't mean to disrespect Madam Yeva at all. We were also scammed by her. She is so despicable and sly! Please rest assured that we will definitely apprehend that imposter and give everyone an answer..."

    "Get out of my way!"

    Sun Shuoran couldn't be bothered to listen to Lin Shuya's grand stories. When he noticed that Lin Yan was gone, he shoved everyone aside and ran after her anxiously.

    The area was empty outside the hall.

    Sun Shuoran scuttled after her hastily.

    Qi Shaoyuan was hanging around Lin Yan excitedly as he retold the story once more. "Ha ha ha... Boss, you have no idea how ugly that imposter's expression was just now. She will never be able to comprehend why Qi Shaoyuan changed his mind..."

    Qi Shaoyuan was rattling on rapidly when he suddenly caught a glimpse of a dark shadow intercepting their path.

    A loud plop followed before he saw Sun Shuoran kneeling down before Lin Yan. He hugged her leg and began to wail at the top of his lungs. "Coach... Coach... I've exposed that woman's lies. I truly am sorry. I will never do anything like that again... Please don't disown me as your apprentice... If... If the others knew, they would kill me..."

    "Oh..." The corners of Qi Shaoyuan's mouth twitched as he watched Sun Shuoran crying with tears rolling down his cheeks. Even though he knew that Lin Yan was Yeva, he still felt bad.

    The corners of Lin Yan's mouth twitched. "Get up."

    Sun Shuoran wept even louder. "No! Coach, if you don't forgive me, I shall kneel here forever!"

    Other than Qi Shaoyuan, even Lin Yan couldn't bear the sight of him.

    "You're a man. Why are you kneeling down? Why haven't you changed after so many years?"

    Sun Shuoran sobbed even harder. "So what? Coach, you're a fairy. Even if you want me to kneel forever, I will do it! I will always be yours, in life and in death! Coach, don't abandon me!"

    Lin Yan was speechless...
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