527 Your Coachs Boyfriend Would Be Jealous

    Lin Yan's face fell as she stared at her little apprentice.

    Sun Shuoran was the least talented amongst all her apprentices and he had a glaring flaw. He was very susceptible to being cheated by girls.

    She had lost count of the number of times this kid had been cheated by girls. His whole fortune was gone, yet he hadn't learned his lesson.

    He had outdone himself this time by helping a woman impersonate her...

    However, this kid had a glib tongue and he could curry favor with someone easily. Furthermore, he was young and Lin Yan really had a headache whenever she tried to deal with him.

    To be honest, Lin Yan was a little biased when it came to this young apprentice of hers. That was why the rest of her apprentices didn't really like him.

    As Sun Shuoran had said, if the rest of the apprentices were to catch wind of this matter, he would be beaten to death.

    "Coach! I really understand my mistake this time! I swear that I will never trust a woman easily in the future! No, I swear that I will never get a girlfriend in the future! I want to stay with you forever!"

    Lin Yan's face hardened as she replied coldly, "Forget it... Don't even think of it..."

    Sun Shuoran's face went pale, as though he had received a huge shock. "Why... Coach... Are you giving up on me?"

    Lin Yan rolled her eyes at him and interrupted Sun Shuoran's wails curtly. "Your coach's boyfriend would be jealous."

    Sun Shuoran was nonplussed when he heard her. "What the... Coach! You have a boyfriend?"

    "Why? Is the idea of me having a boyfriend so shocking?" Lin Yan narrowed her eyes.

    When she had dated Han Yixuan, not many people had known about them. Besides, she was a workaholic, so dating didn't really suit her.

    Some media outlets had even reported and predicted that Yeva would be committing herself to racing and wouldn't get married or date anyone in this lifetime.

    Sun Shuoran coughed to clear his throat and hastily corrected himself. "No, no! What I meant is that I can't imagine what kind of a guy would be worthy of a fairy like you. That is almost impossible!"

    "Boss... Do you have a boyfriend?" Qi Shaoyuan, who was a devoted fan, looked as though he had been struck by lightning when he heard that she had a boyfriend.

    His goddess had a boyfriend!

    He didn't believe it!

    However, in hindsight, he should be the first fan to know this secret. That fool Wei Xufeng was still in the dark about her real identity. He felt very comforted instantly.

    Qi Shaoyuan replied eagerly, "Yeah, you're right! I don't think any man is worthy of being with you!"

    Lin Yan massaged her temples as she glanced at Sun Shuoran. "If you don't get up now, I'm going to kick you out."

    Sun Shuoran's eyes glinted brightly before he scrambled to his feet. "Coach! Are you really not chasing me away?"

    Qi Shaoyuan guessed that perhaps they hadn't met each other in a long time. Hence, he tactfully excused himself to give them some time alone.

    "Boss, you two carry on. I shall leave now."

    "Alright, be careful on the road and get some rest early."

    After Qi Shaoyuan left, Sun Shuoran stuck around Lin Yan happily. "Coach! Do you know how much we've missed you ever since you left? I'm going to call the others down. I'm sure they will fly here right away!"
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