528 No Failure Allowed, She Would Fight to Her Death

    Lin Yan flinched when she heard him. "No! You're not allowed to reveal my whereabouts."

    Sun Shuoran frowned in response. "But why? Is it because... you were banned? Everyone knows that you were framed!

    You never lost a competition! Why would you need to take drugs? The mastermind behind this obviously knew that no one would believe it, which is why no one dared to reveal the news! All they want is to kick you out of the racing track for good!"

    Lin Yan naturally knew what had happened.

    She had dominated the racing scene for way too long and had become a thorn in her rivals' eyes. They had finally managed to grab this rare opportunity to ruin her, so why would they let her off so easily?

    "Coach, as long as you explain yourself, everyone will believe you..." Sun Shuoran replied earnestly.

    Lin Yan sighed to herself. "Shuoran, things aren't so simple. Anyway, they can simply say that they have acted according to the rules and regulations regarding my drug incident. That way, no one would be suspicious."

    Sun Shuoran clenched his fists furiously. "Even if that is true, Coach, how can you bear to leave us in the lurch? Everyone misses you so badly... We want you to return..."

    Lin Yan smiled gently at her little apprentice. "Shuoran, I've taught all of you everything that I could. You are all capable of holding the fort and doing the rest by yourself. This upcoming battle is mine and I will fight it alone."

    Sun Shuoran glanced at Lin Yan in confusion. "Coach, do you mean..."

    Lin Yan raised her head to peer at the night sky. "Many things happened during that period, and I was too dejected and discouraged by them. I have thought of retiring for good as well...

    However, I've changed my mind..."

    Lin Yan glanced at her little apprentice with a grin. "Don't worry. I will reunite with all of you at the international competition someday."

    The word 'failure' did not exist in Yeva's dictionary. She would fight to her death.

    Sun Shuoran's eyes sparkled with hope as he exclaimed, "Really? That's great! Coach, I will work hard and stop fooling around! I will wait for you at the racing track!"

    Lin Yan sighed and replied, "I would be content as long as you stopped getting cheated..."

    Tears welled in Sun Shuoran's eyes. "Coach, I swear that I will never get close to the opposite gender again! I will remain chaste for you!"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    What did he mean, he would remain chaste for her? That sounded wrong!

    She had no wish to die yet!

    Lin Yan was about to retort when she received a text notification.

    Incredibly, it was from Pei Yucheng, who rarely initiated a text conversation. 'I left a document in the second drawer in my study. Can you bring it to my company?'


    At the same time, in the villa...

    All the guests had left and Han Yixuan had left orders for his men to apprehend the imposter. Lin Shuya stood at the entrance as she apologized to each of the guests.

    All the guests were from a reputable background, so because of that imposter, she had lost her dignity completely.

    Lin Shuya had originally intended to create more connections and clinch the role of Yeva through this event.

    However, the plan had backfired and she had offended all the big shots in the industry, not to mention Andrea, who left in a huff.

    Although Wei Xufeng didn't say anything, he looked angry and upset.

    She sat down to ponder over the incidents that had happened today.

    Sun Shuoran's responses and reactions were so odd...

    Why would that imposter get Sun Shuoran to come here when she was a fraud? Wasn't she digging her own grave by doing that?

    What was more puzzling was why Lin Yan had been so sure that she was an imposter.

    She had even proclaimed that she wasn't Yeva because she had claimed so...
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