529 Boyfriend At Work

    It was late at night at a bar.

    Qi Shaoyuan received a call from Wei Xufeng shortly after leaving the villa. Wei Xufeng wanted to meet him for a drink.

    He guessed that Wei Xufeng must have been dealt a devastating blow tonight.

    Wei Xufeng gulped down glass after glass, looking dispirited and bummed out. "I really thought that I would meet Boss tonight. I spent days looking for the perfect gift..."

    Qi Shaoyuan patted Wei Xufeng's shoulders to comfort him. "My condolences."

    Wei Xufeng rolled his eyes and snapped at him, "Don't you feel disappointed at all? Or sad? You are a fake fan! You're not fit to idolize Boss!"

    Qi Shaoyuan looked confounded. "What? I'm a fake fan?"

    Wei Xufeng was the fake fan, yet he had turned around to accuse him instead.

    "Aren't you a fake fan? What did you get for Boss? An imitation bag!" Wei Xufeng attacked him viciously.

    Qi Shaoyuan was rendered speechless. She was an imposter, so he had gotten her an imitation bag. What was the problem?

    It was a pity that Wei Xufeng didn't know that he had known that woman was a fraud all along!

    Qi Shaoyuan didn't explain. He merely cast the drunk Wei Xufeng a pitiful look. "Actually, you didn't miss out on anything... You have seen what you were supposed to..."

    All the guests had indeed met the real Yeva!


    Lin Yan spent a long time trying to get Sun Shuoran off her back before she rushed back to Cloud Manor.

    As Pei Yucheng had instructed, Lin Yan found the document in the drawer and rushed to JM Corporation.

    There wasn't anyone in sight at the building. Cheng Mo stood waiting at the ground floor for Lin Yan before they took the elevator to the top floor.

    "Mr. Pei has to work until this late?" asked Lin Yan.

    Cheng Mo nodded and replied, "Yeah, this is a busy period for us. Miss Lin, this way, please."

    They exited the elevator and walked to the office at the end of the corridor.

    Knock, knock, knock.

    Cheng Mo knocked on the door. "President Pei, Miss Lin is here."

    "Enter," the man answered in his deep voice.

    Lin Yan followed Cheng Mo inside.

    She caught sight of the magnificent French windows the moment she stepped into the office. Beyond the windows, the city lights shone brightly. The room was dimly lit, and the man sat before the desk with his sleeves rolled up. His blazer was hanging on the swivel chair that he was sitting on, while documents were scattered carelessly on his desk.

    It was the first time Lin Yan had come to Pei Yucheng's office. This was also the first time she had seen him at work.

    No wonder everyone said that a man looked his sexiest at work...

    Lin Yan was fretting about her future deep down in her heart. Pei Yucheng was a perfect and fine man who stretched the standards of a boyfriend to the limit. How would she be able to date anyone else if she broke up with him in the future?

    The man raised his head when he noticed the girl walking towards him. He placed his pen down as he raised a long-fingered hand to remove his spectacles. As he massaged his forehead, he said, "Sorry for disturbing you this late at night, Miss Lin. This is important, so I could only entrust you with it."

    Lin Yan snapped out of her reverie and waved her hands. "It's fine! You didn't disturb me at all! It's not a big deal!"

    Lin Yan passed him the document and asked, "Mr. Pei, can you check if it's the correct one?"

    Pei Yucheng glanced at it casually and put it aside.

    Lin Yan was a little worried so she pressed on, "Didn't you say that it was important? Mr. Pei, you should open it to check. What if I took the wrong one?"
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