530 Miss Lin, You Are the Important One

    Pei Yucheng answered softly, "It won't be wrong."

    Lin Yan was certain that Pei Yucheng hadn't even looked at the document.

    She was about to press on when Cheng Mo saw the document. Unconsciously, he muttered, "Isn't it the document that was nullified? President Pei... Why did you ask for this?"

    Lin Yan was taken aback. "Huh? A nullified document?"

    Cheng Mo and Lin Yan were equally confused. However, he sensed that he had blabbered too much.

    How could Boss not know this? He had to have his reasons for doing that. Hence, Cheng Mo hurriedly hung his head in trepidation.

    "Mr. Pei, you said that it was important..." Lin Yan was bewildered.

    Pei Yucheng raised his head to peer at the girl. "Miss Lin, you have misunderstood. What I mean is that the sender was important."

    Lin Yan blinked several times... "Huh?"

    "I merely wanted to see you, Miss Lin. Hence, what you brought here doesn't matter." Pei Yucheng replied offhandedly, with a pair of eyes as seductive as the mysterious night.

    He was aware that he shouldn't beat around the bush with Lin Yan. Hence, he spoke his mind.

    As expected, Lin Yan finally understood. She coughed and choked violently.

    What the... Why was Pei Yucheng so direct and blunt? Even though she may be getting used to it, she still couldn't handle him...

    Couldn't he just be... less direct?

    Alright. If he hadn't been direct enough, she might not have understood...

    Cheng Mo, who was standing silently, felt as though he had been pelted by his Boss's words.

    He had been thinking hard about Boss's intentions. To think that... Boss had such a motive...

    Lin Yan unconsciously touched her burning cheeks and chided herself quietly for being so useless.

    They had been together for some time. Why was she acting so bashful?

    She had merely paid him a visit at his company!

    Wasn't this normal for couples?

    Besides, she had to help Xing Chen with his favor. She needed to soften Pei Yucheng up.

    Lin Yan drew a long deep breath to compose herself and put on a bright smile before trudging on. "Ahem... Mr. Pei, if you want to see me, you can tell me directly... I miss you as well. I just felt that it might be inappropriate for me to visit you during work..."

    A wry smile appeared on Pei Yucheng's face. "No, it isn't. You're welcome here at any time."

    Cheng Mo scratched his nose and thought to himself that it certainly wouldn't be inappropriate. He believed that his Boss would halt JM Corporation's operations to create time for her visit.

    "Oh yeah, Mr. Pei. Will you be done with work soon? I can wait for you so that we can head home together!" suggested Lin Yan cheerily.

    Pei Yucheng's eyes flickered momentarily when he heard her.

    He had never expected Lin Yan to take the initiative today. His expression turned gentle as his gaze landed on the girl. After several seconds, he uttered, "Okay."

    Cheng Mo, who saw that Pei Yucheng had agreed, felt rather surprised. They had to take a flight later...

    However, before Cheng Mo could even react, Pei Yucheng cast a meaningful look that made Cheng Mo swallow his saliva in fright. He clammed up instantly.

    The main reason he had stayed with Boss for so long was because he knew when to shut up...

    Hence, he needed to maintain this advantage...
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