533 You Are Too Cheap

    In the bedroom...

    Lin Yan tugged at her hair as she paced to and fro in her room.

    Had something possessed her earlier?

    This relationship was just a pretense! Why had she gotten so immersed in the role?

    No, wait!

    This had nothing to do with her! Her other consciousness must have possessed her somehow, which was why she had kissed him.

    That must be the reason!

    After brainwashing herself, Lin Yan decided to play some games to calm herself down.

    Wang Jingyang was online and he invited her to join his team.

    Lin Yan accepted his invitation and chatted with him.

    Wang Jingyang typed, 'It's been a while since you were online. What are you busy with lately?'

    Lin Yan typed, 'I was busy with my grandfather's team. Let's not talk about it anymore. Let's start the game!'

    Wang Jingyang replied, 'Let me give you some assistance. I want to climb the ranks!'

    Lin Yan replied, 'Sure!'

    Lin Yan agreed to his suggestion really readily, which surprised Wang Jingyang. 'Why did you accept so quickly? Haven't you said that you command a huge fee for every game and I have to pay you as well?'

    Lin Yan replied, 'Thanks for reminding me. Remember to send me the fee.'

    Wang Jingyang was left speechless...

    Lin Yan chose her player with Wang Jingyang as her sidekick. Both of them started their battles, and Wang Jingyang climbed the ranks.

    Lin Yan directed all her forces at a particular opponent during one of the battles. Initially, the opponent cursed and swore at her. However, as time passed, he gradually admitted defeat.

    'What the... Who is that player? He is really awesome!'

    'Hey, do you have a girl beside you?'

    'Boss! Why are you ignoring me?'

    'That's weird. Boss, why did you stop attacking me?'


    The opponent observed his avatar as Lin Yan walked past with no intention of killing him.

    He typed rapidly away, but Lin Yan didn't respond. Finally, she got impatient and typed, 'You are too cheap.'

    Her opponent was speechless...

    After a player was finished off several times, the reward got less each time. Hence, he was no longer worthy.

    This was plain... humiliation.

    Wang Jingyang typed, 'Lin Yan, what's wrong with you? You are so short-tempered today. Why are you so violent?'

    Lin Yan snapped, 'When am I not violent?'

    Wang Jingyang replied, 'Alright then...'

    Nonetheless, he sensed that there was something wrong with her today.

    After the last battle, Wang Jingyang came up with a question and typed hesitantly, 'Hmmm, Lin Yan... Are you free tomorrow?'

    Lin Yan asked, 'Why?'

    Wang Jingyang replied, 'If you have nothing to do, then play games with me!'

    Lin Yan replied, 'I'm not free.'

    Wang Jingyang asked, 'You're not free? It's Valentine's Day tomorrow, but you are not attached to anyone. Why are you busy?'

    Lin Yan was startled. 'It's Valentine's Day tomorrow?'

    Wang Jingyang typed again, 'Yeah, are you coming?'

    Lin Yan rejected him. 'No, I'm not free.'

    '50 yuan per game,' Wang Jingyang offered.

    Lin Yan declined once more. 'No.'

    Wang Jingyang typed indignantly, 'What? You're refusing money?'

    Lin Yan replied swiftly, 'You have to add money since it's Valentine's Day.'

    Wang Jingyang was left speechless...


    After hours of games and Wang Jingyang's promise to pay her extra, Lin Yan's mood improved and she finally sank into a deep sleep.

    In the middle of the night, she woke up and clutched her leg in pain.


    She had overworked herself in the past few days and even taken part in a race. Her old injury must have relapsed.

    The pain caused by her injury could be eased by an injection.

    However, Lin Yan had never gotten one. Usually, she would just grit her teeth and endure the pain. She was so afraid of injections that she would rather die than get an injection...
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