534 Happily Indulging Herself

    Lin Yan endured the pain until daylight.

    Initially, she thought that the pain would subside. However, she had been racing too often recently and her injury had been aggravated. When dawn broke, not only did the pain not subside, but it actually seemed to have worsened.

    Pain was stabbing her right leg, and she broke out in cold sweat. However, she convinced herself that she would rather endure the pain than get an injection.

    She always made a swift recovery and the pain would take at most a few days to go away.

    Lin Yan scrolled through her phone, reading some gossip online in a bid to distract herself.

    However, every news portal or forum she visited was flooded by Valentine's Day posts. A celebrity couple had also announced their relationship, so blessings were pouring in.

    What was there to boast about? It was just plain boring!

    Everything was about Valentine's Day!

    After her retirement from the racing industry, was this all there was?

    She was disappointed!

    She had no idea where Pei Yutang was. Pei Nanxu had to work that day, so the house was empty. Lin Yan was all alone at home...

    She rubbed her leg mindlessly as she read more news.

    It was so boring that she decided to find something to do!

    Lin Yan ordered some beer and food before she went to Pei Yutang's favorite room.

    She took a look around the game room and realized that it was indeed well-equipped with the latest games in the market. There was VR equipment as well, and the lights were as dazzling as colorful disco lights. All she simply had to do was put on some music to complete the disco effect.

    Lin Yan explored the games and equipment, entranced by everything in sight.

    She had no idea why people would choose to date. Was it because beer and food weren't nice enough? Or perhaps they didn't enjoy playing games?

    How happy she felt to be at home playing games, eating delicious food, and drinking beer...

    This mansion was so magnificent and huge... If only her leg wasn't hurting.

    All these things aside, Lin Yan's mind would wander off and Pei Yucheng would appear in her thoughts...

    She always felt more comfortable when Pei Yucheng wasn't at home. However, she kept thinking about him today for no apparent reason...

    Perhaps it was because it was Valentine's Day.

    Although her relationship with Pei Yucheng was just for show, he was still her boyfriend.

    As the saying went, after one was well-fed and warm, one's s*xual desire would arise... It was true.


    As Lin Yan was happily enjoying herself, on the other side of the ocean...

    Pei Yucheng had just landed. It was night time, so it should be day time back in his country...

    He stood before the window as he gazed at the scenery. Suddenly, his phone vibrated with a call from Pei Yutang.

    "Big Brother, are you overseas?" Pei Yutang sounded excited and bubbly.

    Pei Yucheng asked, "Were you looking for me?"

    Pei Yutang hurriedly quipped, "Of course! Do you know that it's Valentine's Day today? How could you leave sister-in-law at home? How sad will she be?"

    Pei Yucheng listened in somber silence.

    "This is your first Valentine's Day together. Sister-in-law might not have said anything, but she will definitely feel disappointed! She doesn't have many friends and her boyfriend isn't with her today... How sad and pitiful..."

    Meanwhile, Lin Yan was indulging in food and enjoyment...
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