539 You Created the Mess

    Pei Yucheng received an injection, took medicine, and even had an IV drip.

    Lin Yan discovered something magical. Although it was scary to see the needle, she hadn't felt anything whatsoever. She couldn't feel the pain at all and she realized that being possessed had its merits at last.

    As Lin Yan watched the IV drip, a pang of sorrow and melancholy struck her. It was Valentine's Day and she was tormented by an old injury. The pain was so piercing that... she might have to spend the entire day at the hospital...

    She had no idea why, but Pei Yucheng's face flitted across her mind...

    A second later, a voice emerged from the depths of her body...

    "You're thinking of him."

    Lin Yan jerked as though an electric current had shocked her. "F*ck! You're here again! The emperor met his tragic demise during a venture in the old state. Chaos and desperation swept the city and internal strife attacked the palace. Loyal guards sacrificed themselves..."

    This fellow knew instantly whatever was on her mind. What if she accidentally thought of something that wasn't appropriate for children? Wouldn't he know everything then?

    Pei Yucheng drawled, "Inappropriate for children? What are you referring to?"

    Lin Yan hissed, "I didn't say anything! I was just thinking! Stop reading my mind!"

    Pei Yucheng replied with a chuckle, "Sorry, this isn't within my control."

    Lin Yan recited in frustration, "It is September, the first month of autumn. The puddles on the ground have dried up, and the water in the pond is cool and translucent. At dusk, the rays of the setting sun condense in the evening haze and turn the mountains purple. In the stately carriages drawn by the horses, we make our way ahead, visiting the attractive scenic spot on the mountains. Soon, we arrive at the river bank, where King Teng's Tower beckons. Then, we ascend the tower where the fairy once dwelled..."

    How could she survive this ordeal?

    Lin Yan seized this opportunity while she was still conscious and said hastily, "Hey! You haven't answered my question! Who are you exactly? Are you my alter ego?"

    She pressed on impatiently. "Are you a ghost? Are you a fox spirit meant to make up for my lack of femininity?"

    Pei Yucheng listened in amusement. "Miss Lin, you have a vivid imagination. Keep guessing."

    "Keep guessing? I really have no idea!" Lin Yan lashed out in a huff. "I don't care who you are, but you've caused me trouble! You should solve the mess that you have created. Hurry up and break up with Mr. Pei! I would wake up either on his couch or in his bed every other day. I even pounced on him! Do you know how terrifying that was? Who knows what will happen next?"

    Silence hovered in the room before Pei Yucheng replied softly, "You want to break up with him?"

    Lin Yan snapped, "Of course I want to break up with him! Isn't that obvious?"

    Pei Yucheng quipped, "In that case, you can do it yourself."

    Lin Yan was irate. "Why? You were the one who started this!" She had tried to break up once and almost lost her life in the process. How would she dare to attempt it again?

    Pei Yucheng replied nonchalantly, "It was me, but you're the one who wants to break up."

    Lin Yan spluttered, "I..."

    F*ck! It was incredible, but she actually couldn't retort.

    "But... But you're using my body. Shouldn't you respect my body? How could you use my body to do such ridiculous things? What if there's someone I like in the future?" Lin Yan blurted aloud.

    Pei Yucheng mused. "Someone you like..."

    Lin Yan sensed that the voice sounded intimidating...
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