544 Such Bad Judgmen

    The Zhao family and the Pei family were indeed somewhat related. Although they were distant relatives, the Zhaos had tried their best to maintain their family ties by getting Zhao Yankai to address Big Brother as his grandfather, casting every bit of shame aside.

    Pei Yutang reckoned that Big Brother had long forgotten about Zhao Yankai.

    He was rendered speechless when he recalled this 'relative' of theirs.

    This guy still looked so smug and haughty!

    Did he have any idea who he was trying to hit on?

    'She is your grandmother in that case!' Pei Yutang thought to himself.

    Lin Yan was startled when she heard him. "So, Pei Yucheng is his grandfather? Then am I his grandmother?"

    Pei Yucheng agreed with Lin Yan's statement. "Yeah, you can put it that way."

    Judging from the shock registered on his face, Zhao Yankai thought that Pei Yutang had been frightened by him. Hence, he ignored him and approached Lin Yan again.

    "Miss, I noticed you since you first entered. You're really unique and you... possess a certain charm... I want to get to know you more as a friend. I hope I didn't disturb you!" Zhao Yankai spoke like a gentleman as he struck up a conversation with Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan surveyed the man from head to toe. He was dressed fashionably in luxurious brands. The watch on his wrist had to be worth the price of an apartment, and he looked as though he was showing off his wealth. At least he was polite...

    Lin Yan was about to reply when she remembered that her body wasn't hers right now.

    A lazy drawl left her lips the next moment...


    Lin Yan was taken aback. "Hey! Why did you scold him? He seems nice!"

    Pei Yucheng replied, "Nice? I didn't know that you had such bad judgment."

    Lin Yan hissed irritably, "Why did you have to attack me? He was praising me! I mean, he was praising how charming you were! Wait... This young man has fallen for you! He is hitting on you! Oh no, why did you cause me trouble again? Are you trying to seduce more men?"

    Pei Yucheng was speechless...


    Zhao Yankai was startled by how blunt Lin Yan was despite knowing his background and identity.

    At the same time, he was also intimidated by the expression in Lin Yan's eyes. His legs turned to jelly as a chill crept up his spine.

    Zhao Yankai, who wasn't furious at her, soon snapped back to his senses. She had piqued his interest instead. "I have an eye for beauty indeed. You are unique..."

    This woman had succeeded in attracting his attention...

    "If I remember correctly, you're a popular artist... Lin Yan, right? Miss Lin Yan, we will meet once again. Believe me, you won't reject me next time." Zhao Yankai spoke with confidence and determination.

    He then halted and turned around. "Oh yeah, Miss Lin Yan, your drinks are on me tonight!"

    Zhao Yankai spun around swiftly and left in a flamboyant fashion.

    A DJ yelled out, "Young Master Zhao said that he will be paying for everyone's drinks tonight!"

    The ladies shrieked in delight while Lin Yan muttered grudgingly, "Is this man out of his mind? I only ordered juice and Pei Yutang paid for it!"
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