546 Couple’s Nicknames

    "Sister-in-law... Are you alright?" Pei Yutang treaded cautiously towards her as he asked this question.

    However, he caught a glimpse of Lin Yan, who was playing a popular game on her phone.

    "Sister-in-law, you're also playing this game? That's awesome! I'm playing it too! Let's play together!" Pei Yutang said excitedly.

    Playing games was a great idea, as it was safe to do it at home.

    Pei Yutang took a peek at Lin Yan's nickname. "Get Rich... Sister-in-law... Your nickname is... auspicious."

    "Sister-in-law, your level is quite high! Daddy, can you add me to your team?"

    Pei Yutang watched as someone added Lin Yan to a team.

    That person's nickname was 'Riches and Honor'.

    "Get Rich... Riches and Honor..." Pei Yutang muttered under his breath and a horrifying thought seized him. "F*ck! Is this a couple's nickname?"

    Why would he meet someone who was trying to court Sister-in-law while playing a game?

    Lin Yan was speechless. They had similar nicknames because they were a team!

    However, earning money was her top priority. She had to make sure she performed well tonight.

    "Fairy Sister, you're so intelligent. You must be good at playing games, right? Help me play a few rounds! It's twice the money on a festive occasion! Look, we are sharing a body, so my money is yours too. Let's earn money together!" Lin Yan persuaded him sweetly.

    "Sister-in-law, add me! Add me now!" Pei Yutang shouted, as he was desperate to stop the two of them from being alone in the game.

    He had to protect her!

    Pei Yucheng glanced at the notification and accepted the request.

    'Riches and Honor' asked, 'Lin Yan, who is this?'

    'This Car Isn't Going To Kindergarten' typed, 'I'm her brother-in-law!'

    Pei Yutang declared his identity.

    'Riches and Honor' replied, 'Lin Yan, that's enough. You claimed to have a boyfriend and your brother-in-law appears now as well?'

    'This Car Isn't Going To Kindergarten' retorted, 'Sister-in-law already has a boyfriend! Her boyfriend is my Big Brother!'

    'Riches and Honor' typed, 'Alright, Lin Yan. If you have a boyfriend, why would you be playing games with me on Valentine's Day? Anyway, let's say I believe you. Can we just start playing? Time is money!'


    Lin Yan instantly got worked up when she saw the reply. "Fairy Sister, start the game now! Don't just watch those two idiots! Let me brief you on the rules..."

    Pei Yucheng replied, "Okay."

    Lin Yan was relieved when the other consciousness seemed to agree to cooperate. She began blabbering in a rush, "This game is separated into three segments. Later, you and Pup will begin together. You are a shooter, and he will cover you. Pei Yutang should be the best at..."

    "I feel that my body does hold memories, so I reckon you won't be too bad at this game. Pup has good skills too, so I'm sure the two of you..."

    Lin Yan suddenly felt as though she was floating away. She had exhausted all her energy and was unable to stay awake any longer.

    Before she fell into a coma, Pei Yucheng chose an avatar... Cai Wenji.

    He controlled the avatar and it entered the war zone in no time...
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