547 The Lonely Singles Clubs Revenge

    That night...

    Wang Jingyang and Pei Yutang wished that they were dead rather than alive...

    'Riches and Honor' typed, 'Lin Yan, why did you seek help?'

    'Riches and Honor' pressed on, 'Why did you seek help in the war zone? What kind of special strategy is this?'

    'Riches and Honor' typed furiously away, 'F*ck! I'm dead, I'm so dead! Help me out! I'm just beside you! Don't bother with that newbie! I'm more valuable!'

    'This Car Isn't Going To Kindergarten' snapped, 'Daddy! Don't leave me! Don't go! Come back! You can't defeat that monster! Come back...'

    'This Car Isn't Going To Kindergarten' typed frantically, 'Sister-in-law! Don't go there! You are only at rank three! You won't be able to defeat the dragon! Come back...'

    'This Car Isn't Going To Kindergarten' pleaded once more. 'Sister-in-law... Don't do that, please. I'm begging you. Why did you choose Cai Wenji again? I'm feeling giddy!'

    'Riches and Honor' was flustered. 'Lin Yan! Are you in the lonely singles club? Don't drag me into your pursuit for revenge!'

    'This Car Isn't Going To Kindergarten' was close to tears. 'Daddy... I don't want to play anymore...'

    'Get Rich' asked, 'One more round?'

    'Riches and Honor' was speechless...

    'This Car Isn't Going To Kindergarten' was speechless as well...


    The next morning...

    When Lin Yan woke up, she found herself lying in her own bedroom.

    She opened her eyes in shock and the first thing she did was sit up.


    She was in her own body once more!

    She had been terrified last night. Her other consciousness seemed to have lingered for a longer period of time.

    She recalled losing consciousness midway. How she hoped that it hadn't done anything without her knowing!

    Lin Yan hurriedly scrambled to her feet and stretched herself.

    She'd had an injection and IV drip yesterday, so the pain had almost subsided.

    She scrutinized her surroundings, looking for anything abnormal. When she saw that everything seemed fine, she left her room.

    She caught a glimpse of Pei Yutang, who was sleeping on the couch.

    Pei Yutang jerked and sat up when he heard footsteps.

    "Sister-in-law... You're awake..." Pei Yutang looked as though he'd had a rough night. He rubbed his eyes sleepily as he yawned and slipped off the couch when he saw Lin Yan. He waved his hands wildly and cried, "Sister-in-law! I don't want to play anymore! Please! Spare me! If you really want to play... I will fork out the money and help you look for other players... Spare me please..."

    Lin Yan studied Pei Yutang, who looked distressed and exhausted. Looking confused, she asked, "Third Young Master, what are you talking about? What game? I am a pro at games, so why would I need to look for other players?"

    Pei Yutang was taken aback when he heard her. "Sister-in-law... Are you messing with me?"

    Lin Yan frowned. "No, I am not. What's wrong?"

    Pei Yutang swallowed his saliva in horror. "It can't be... Recruiting players requires money... but playing with you is like playing with my life... The fellow last night... Did he have some sort of a special fetish?"

    For instance, did he have a fetish for being abused?

    Otherwise, why would he ask Sister-in-law to play with him?

    Pei Yutang had initially been filled with hostility and wariness for that fellow. However, after an entire night, all he felt for him was pity.

    Lin Yan had a premonition when she heard Pei Yutang. She whipped out her phone quickly to check the results of the game...
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