549 He Would Believe Everything She Said

    At this point in time, Pei Yutang understood something...

    He had overestimated his brother's intelligence.

    Or, to put it simply, his brother had zero intelligence when Sister-in-law was around...

    She had whispered some random honeyed words and he had believed everything...

    Indeed, people who were in love were fools...

    After Lin Yan hung up, she interrogated Pei Yutang regarding the incident last night. Other than the awful defeats that had shocked Wang Jingyang and Pei Yutang, she hadn't done anything else. Upon hearing that, she heaved a sigh of relief.

    After overcoming the crisis, Pei Yutang left.

    Lin Yan sat on the couch while she drank a cup of water and browsed through her phone for news.

    She clicked onto a news article about the movie Legend. An official announcement had been posted two hours ago.

    The article stated that the audition for the role of the Race Track's Grim Reaper Yeva would be ending in a few days and the final candidate would be confirmed as soon as possible.

    Most of the comments expressed how eagerly the fans were looking forward to the movie. Most of them had voted for Lin Shuya.

    Lin Shuya had indeed invested a tremendous amount of effort and time into clinching the role of Yeva. She had watched numerous competitions and even sponsored one of the teams.

    She had been posting racing competition articles on her Weibo account as well and added her own analysis and insight.

    If she hadn't invited an imposter, she would most likely have clinched the role of Yeva. Despite that fiasco, her chances remained high.

    However, Lin Yan would never allow anyone to get the role of Yeva, especially Lin Shuya.

    Lin Yan rummaged in her drawer, looking for a name card. When she found it, she dialed a number.

    "Hi." A man's voice spoke.

    "Is this Mr. Martin?" Lin Yan asked.

    "Yeah, it is."

    "Mr. Martin, I intend to audition for the role of Yeva. Do you have time to talk?"

    The person on the other side of the phone fell silent.

    "Oh, I see... It's a pity that I've changed jobs. I'm working in finance right now... I can give you the contact information for the audition... By the way, are you interested in finance?"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Before she hung up, she jotted down the names and contact numbers of the staff in charge of the audition.

    Lin Yan then contacted Zhao Hongling.


    Zhao Hongling reached the cafe earlier than her.

    "You want to fight for the role of Yeva in the movie Legend?"

    Zhao Hongling seemed surprised by Lin Yan's announcement.

    The movie Legend was a massive international production. Compared to Meeting One's Match, it was even bigger and more far-reaching.

    Legend was the most highly-anticipated movie of the year. Naturally, Zhao Hongling knew about it. Although Yeva's character wouldn't appear in too many scenes, she was the highlight of the movie. She herself was a legend who had made this plot possible. As the movie culminated in the final moments, she would have an epic showdown with her apprentice at the final competition.

    Regardless of the leading characters or how many scenes they had, the character that everyone looked forward to in this movie was the Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva.
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