550 Fighting For the Role of Yeva

    Zhao Hongling could picture the dire consequences if the actress couldn't act out the role of Yeva properly. She would be subjected to a tremendous amount of pressure and criticism.

    "Sister Ling, what do you think?" Lin Yan glanced at Zhao Hongling as she grinned quietly.

    "It's going to be difficult." Zhao Hongling came out of her daze and turned to Lin Yan.

    Zhao Hongling did not wish to dampen Lin Yan's enthusiasm, but this was the truth.

    In fact, anyone who wanted the role would have a huge headache. No matter how good her acting skills were, there was bound to be criticism.

    Plus, given Lin Yan's current fame and reputation, it was rather impossible for her to go up against Lin Shuya.

    "Yeva has too many devoted fans. You shouldn't audition for the role on a whim. There are too many challenges and problems involved." Zhao Hongling analyzed the situation clearly aloud.

    Lin Yan nodded, lost in thought.

    In that case, there shouldn't be a problem. She was Yeva after all.

    "Besides, Lin Shuya seems determined to clinch that role." Zhao Hongling pressed on. "If the production team of Legend intends to target the Chinese market, then Lin Shuya would be a wise and safe choice. The only thing that could change the producers' minds would be someone who could wow them with her acting skills."

    Lin Yan agreed with Zhao Hongling's statement. Lin Shuya did indeed seem confident. She had even invited Yeva over, although she had turned out to be an impersonator.

    "Of course, if you really want to go for the audition, I will still support you. However, you shouldn't harbor too much hope. I can help make the necessary arrangements." Zhao Hongling gazed at Lin Yan intently.

    Lin Yan nodded as she replied, "Then I shall give it a try. Who knows, I might succeed."


    Two days later, the production crew of Legend contacted Lin Yan and informed her about the audition venue.

    Lin Yan woke up bright and early, washed up and put on some light makeup. She decided to wear something simple and asked Pei Yutang to take her there.

    "Sister-in-law... Daddy... Am I hearing you right? You want to fight for the role of Yeva?"

    Pei Yutang gazed in wonder at Lin Yan, who was beside him.

    "Don't look at me! Look ahead!" Lin Yan frowned in disapproval.

    "Oh! Okay!" Pei Yutang turned around and focused on the road ahead.

    "Sister-in-law, I have been following the production of Legend and I can't wait for it to hit the screens. If you really manage to clinch the role of Yeva, I swear that I will book an entire theater... No, make it ten. However, I think that you're unsuitable," Pei Yutang replied.

    "Why am I unsuitable?" Lin Yan couldn't understand.

    "I don't know why, but besides Yeva herself, no one else will be suitable. Sister-in-law, just think carefully. Yeva's fame and influence are really overwhelming. If anyone other than her portrayed her in the movie, it would seem like... blasphemy!"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    "Sister-in-law, Yeva isn't a fictional character. People will definitely compare your acting with her style and behavior in real life. Plus, people can easily watch her competitions and videos for reference. If you make any mistakes in your performance, her fans will be furious. Do think this through again."

    Pei Yutang did indeed present a sound, well-reasoned argument.
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