551 Hellish And Difficul

    Yeva was a real-life legend who had made a real impact in people's lives. The portrayal of Yeva would be a hellish, difficult one.

    Lin Yan had decided that she wouldn't use her acting skills to convince anyone. All she wanted was to be herself.

    After half an hour, Pei Yutang's car pulled over at the side of the road outside a building.

    "Sister-in-law, we are here."

    Lin Yan got out of the car and glanced at Pei Yutang. She beamed at him and said, "Thanks for the ride. When I get home tonight, let's play..."

    Before Lin Yan could finish her sentence, Pei Yutang's face registered horror and shock. He didn't reply. He merely whizzed off in a flurry.

    Seconds later, Pei Yutang's car had vanished from Lin Yan's sight.

    The smile on Lin Yan's face turned stiff...

    She was a professional gamer, yet... she was despised by a newbie like Pei Yutang!


    Lin Yan strode casually into the building.

    There were more than eighty levels inside the building. Legend had a huge budget, so they had rented an entire level for the auditions.

    The elevator was packed with women. Lin Yan scanned the faces briefly and some of them were distinctly familiar.

    Lin Yan remembered that some of them were actresses, while the rest were regular guests on variety shows.

    As she walked towards them, one of the girls widened her eyes at the sight of her.

    "Are you... Lin Yan?"

    The girl surveyed Lin Yan with excitement. "You're Lin Yan!"

    "Hi, it's me..."

    Lin Yan couldn't quite respond to her reaction.

    She had met her before on a variety show. Her name should be Wang Weinuo.

    "This is great! I never expected to bump into you! I loved your portrayal of Lin Pianruo." The girl smiled brightly.

    "Thank you!" Lin Yan flashed her a smile politely too.

    "Sister Lin Yan, what have you been busy with recently? Are there plans for Meeting One's Match to get a sequel? I didn't read the book at first. After watching the movie, I was inspired to read the story!" Wang Weinuo exclaimed happily.

    Lin Yan was feeling awkward, as this was the first time she had met such an enthusiastic, passionate fan.

    Before she could respond, Wang Weinuo pressed on. "Sister Lin Yan, I'm Wang Weinuo. I'm a fan of yours."

    "I recognized you because I like your variety show," Lin Yan replied with a smile.

    Wang Weinuo grinned happily. "Really? I'm so happy to hear that! Sister Lin Yan, can I add you on WeChat?"

    Lin Yan didn't have the heart to reject her.

    "Sister Lin Yan, why are you here?" Wang Weinuo sized up Lin Yan with curiosity.

    "I'm here for the audition," replied Lin Yan honestly.

    "For the movie Legend?" Wang Weinuo seemed surprised.

    "Yeah." Lin Yan nodded.

    "We are all here for the audition as well. Sister Lin Yan, what role are you auditioning for?"

    "Yeva." Lin Yan managed a feeble smile.

    Everyone in the elevator turned to Lin Yan with a mixture of surprise and shock.

    Wang Weinuo was startled. "Sister Lin Yan... do you mean Yeva, the Race Track's Grim Reaper?"

    "Yeah." Lin Yan grunted in response.
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