552 Free Expression

    Some of the girls burst into laughter.

    "The role of Yeva isn't a role you could take lightly. To get the role, you must be both beautiful and talented. Plus, you need to be equipped with racing knowledge and racing techniques as well."

    "Yeah! Although there aren't many scenes, Yeva is the soul and essence of the movie. If Yeva wasn't Chinese, the production team wouldn't have traveled here."

    "Your name is Lin Yan, right? I reckon you don't have to waste your time. It has been confirmed that Lin Shuya has been cast for the role of Yeva..."

    They had all come for the audition, but no one had come for Yeva's role.

    Firstly, they were well aware of their own capabilities. Secondly, Lin Shuya had expressed her determination to clinch the role.

    "Lately, I heard that a few actresses tried to audition for the role of Yeva despite having no experience or knowledge about racing whatsoever. They were merely trying their luck."

    Before Wang Weinuo could answer, the elevator stopped at that level.

    Three other girls exited the elevator along with Wang Weinuo. They were all there for the audition.

    "Sister Lin Yan, I'm here to audition for the role of Yu Han. She is a member of the WZ team and she is Chinese as well.." Wang Weinuo said shyly.


    Lin Yan studied Wang Weinuo in surprise.

    Yu Han was a member of the WZ team indeed, but he was a man... Besides, he wasn't Chinese...

    Wang Weinuo had evidently not done her research well.

    "Yu Han is male and he isn't Chinese," Lin Yan reminded Wang Weinuo softly.

    "Are you sure? But I went to research the racer and I remember that it's a woman! Did I see wrong?" Wang Weinuo's face fell.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    "Lin Yan! Who is Lin Yan? Is she here?"

    A crisp, loud voice echoed around the room.

    Lin Yan raised her hand and yelled, "I'm here!"

    "This is your number." The staff member stuffed a card into her hands.

    Lin Yan was sent to the makeup room next.

    An influx of candidates had come for the audition, and they were all sent to the makeup room.

    They could do their makeup or change outfits inside while waiting for their turn.

    Lin Yan noticed that the room was packed with women wearing silver-colored uniforms and helmets.

    For a moment, she thought that she had entered the preparation area of a racing team.

    Lin Yan stood out amongst them, as she hadn't put on a uniform. She had chosen a simple outfit instead.

    Most of them didn't pay any attention to Lin Yan. They merely sat there quietly.

    Half an hour later, one of the crew members called Lin Yan and several others.

    Lin Yan stood up and exited the room with the rest before they made their way to the audition room.


    In the audition room, hardly any noise could be heard.

    The judges included the director, the scriptwriter, and a few others. Lang Mang's apprentice, Zhou Qiao, was also present and sat in the middle.

    Zhou Qiao picked up his cup as he scanned the women in front of him.

    "Let's start with the first person. You're entitled to one minute of free expression," Zhou Qiao said dully with no trace of emotion.

    "Free expression?"

    As Zhou Qiao's words echoed, the candidates frowned in surprise.
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