553 Perfunctory Audition

    All the actresses who had come for the audition had invested their time and effort to clinch the role of the Race Track's Grim Reaper. They had repeatedly watched Yeva's competition videos. However, it had never occurred to them that Zhou Qiao would ask them to express themselves freely.

    Everything they had learned about Yeva had been through her competition videos. They also knew that Yeva's scenes in the movie would be related to racing. Hence, hardly anyone had researched her personal life or her habits. In that case, how were they supposed to perform?

    "Number three."

    Zhou Qiao hung his head as he read her details. "Mo Xun? You start first."

    A girl in a silver uniform stepped forward nervously. She took a deep breath to calm herself down before she nodded in response.

    Everyone fell silent as they peered at the girl.

    After ten seconds, the girl moved.

    They saw the girl bending her back, as though she was mimicking how Yeva was racing.


    Suddenly, Zhou Qiao stopped the girl. "That's fine. You may go out and wait for news."

    The girl looked alarmed and stunned when she heard Zhou Qiao. She had barely started her performance...

    Zhou Qiao had made himself clear, so the girl didn't dare to protest. She nodded and turned to leave.

    Everyone knew what Zhou Qiao meant. There was no need for the girl to continue her performance because Zhou Qiao and the director didn't think that she was suitable for the role.

    "Number nine, Li Xunxin. You may begin."


    None of the actresses used up the one minute allocated to them. Most of them used less than ten seconds, and a handful managed to exceed ten seconds.

    The judges were so strict that they made the rest of the applicants wonder. Was the production crew conducting a perfunctory audition?

    This had beaten the scariest audition anyone had ever attended.

    Everyone present had tried their best to get the role of Yeva, but they had merely studied her competitions and their research had been mainly limited to news and videos. Hence, the best they could do was mimic how Yeva had behaved on the racing track.

    Anyone who tried to mimic that would last shorter than ten seconds...

    "I think that the role of Yeva has already been confirmed... It belongs to Lin Shuya, which is why the crew won't be considering anyone else. The reason the audition is still on is because the official date of the audition is still days away," one of the actresses whispered under her breath.

    Everyone else silently agreed with that actress. It would explain why everyone before them was asked to stop within seconds.

    "Number 6, Wei Yutong. Stop and leave. We will inform you."

    Zhou Qiao drank some water before he spoke to that actress.

    Wei Yutong instantly stopped and glanced at Zhou Qiao coldly. "Sorry for being blunt, but I have to say this. Since you have decided on the person who will play Yeva's role, there was no need to get all of us here for the audition. You are disrespecting us all."
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