554 Its Not That Simple

    As the words left Wei Yutong's lips, the others silently agreed with her. However, they weren't as brave or blunt as her.

    Legend's director and producer glanced at each other.

    No one had ever accused them of something like that.

    "Miss Wei Yutong?" Zhou Qiao glanced at her and smiled wryly. "Do you think that the audition for Yeva's role would require you to just mimic how she races? Do you reckon it's that simple?"

    "Isn't that so?" Wei Yutong sounded firm and unyielding.

    "That's interesting." Zhou Qiao sneered coldly. "If that's how you see it, then I'm sorry. You will definitely not be considered for this role. According to your presumption, shouldn't we get a female racer to portray Yeva? Why should we get actresses to mimic a racer's driving ability? Or perhaps you think that you're better than a racer?"

    Zhou Qiao's retort succeeded in shutting Wei Yutong up.

    Indeed, he was right. If they wanted them to mimic Yeva's racing style, they could have just gotten a professional female racer to act as her.

    "Alright, you may leave." Zhou Qiao dismissed her impatiently with a wave.


    After Wei Yutong left, the remaining actresses felt more nervous and uneasy. Their knowledge of Yeva was limited to her racing videos. How would they know what she was like off the racing track?

    "Number 11, Lin Yan. Get ready to start."

    Zhou Qiao's voice was heard a minute later.

    Lin Yan walked to the middle of the room.

    Zhou Qiao and the other judges were intrigued by Lin Yan's outfit. She stood out amongst a sea of silver.

    Zhou Qiao was Lang Mang's apprentice. Thus, Lin Yan was the coach of Zhou Qiao's coach. However, Zhou Qiao had never had the chance to meet Yeva, so he had no idea Lin Yan was Yeva.

    "Why are you looking at me? Begin now," Zhou Qiao said.

    Lin Yan didn't respond. Instead, she fell silent.

    Years ago, Lang Mang had taken part in the first level of the international competition. After that race, he had been brought to tears by Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan opened her eyes just as everyone was getting impatient.

    The girl looked as though she had transformed into another person. The detached expression in her eyes earlier had vanished. She looked as confident as a defending champion while looking at everyone else.

    When her aura changed, Zhou Qiao and the director looked visibly excited and interested.

    "What are you afraid of?"

    Lin Yan gazed intently at a corner of the room, looking haughty and aloof. "Tell me, what have I taught you?"

    "You have disappointed me." Lin Yan shook her head, looking exceedingly disappointed.

    "You have wavered before the battle. Your teammates have given their all to send you to the first level of the international competition, yet you behaved like a deserted soldier. Your teammates should be ashamed of you for their entire lives." Lin Yan was cold and imposing.

    She fell silent, as though she was trying to listen to something.

    The rest of the applicants were transfixed as they stared at her.
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