555 Flowing Passion And Fire

    If there hadn't been anything in front of Lin Yan, they would have thought that the girl performing right now was a real racer reprimanding her apprentice.

    What was unbelievable was that she didn't look as though she was acting. It seemed as though this had happened before...

    "You're right!" Suddenly, Lin Yan spoke once more. "Every opponent on the racing track is strong and formidable. You've merely lost a race. A defeat isn't the scariest... What's scariest is the... passion and fire flowing in you and the determination to fight!"

    "If you still feel desire, I hope you can fight till the end for the sake of your dream."

    "From this day onwards, the first level of the international competition will be your world."

    Lin Yan fell into a daze for several moments. Then, the corners of her mouth curled into a smile. "Welcome to Asura's hellish arena."

    "In my name... vanquish all the jackals, wolves, and beasts..."

    "Perhaps, someday, you and I will meet at the summit of the international competition! Let's scale greater heights together and avenge our defeats!"

    After Lin Yan ended her performance, no one spoke for nearly a minute. Everyone's eyes were peeled on Lin Yan as though they were waiting for her to continue.

    "Is it over?" the director blurted after some time.

    "Yeah, I already said that my performance is over." Lin Yan grinned at him.

    "Oh... Sorry. I thought this was part of your script," the director replied, looking dazed.

    "Miss Lin Yan, your performance was unique and stood out from the rest. It was the longest performance ever." The producer glanced at his watch and added pointedly, "It lasted more than five minutes."

    "Mr. Zhou Qiao, as Yeva's grand-apprentice, can you evaluate her performance?" The director turned to Zhou Qiao.

    "Miss Lin Yan... were you acting as Yeva and Lang Mang just now?" Zhou Qiao looked startled.

    Lin Yan bowed her head slightly. "Yes."

    "Miss Lin Yan, how did you come up with this idea?" Zhou Qiao was intrigued and curious.

    "To my knowledge, Mr. Lang Mang lost a race when he first took part in the first level of the international competition. I merely used my imagination to visualize what happened. He must have been nervous and jittery during his first race. Perhaps, he might have gotten cold feet. I had to act as Mr. Lang Mang's coach, the Race Track's Grim Reaper, so I envisioned what she would have said to her apprentice."

    "My coach... that indeed happened. However, I don't think Madam Yeva would be so fierce." Zhou Qiao smiled at her.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    "Your performance was still brilliant. At some point, I almost thought that something like that indeed happened." Zhou Qiao praised her loudly.

    "Thank you for the compliment," Lin Yan replied.

    She didn't need to hear pleasantries. All she wanted was the role of Yeva!

    "Miss Lin Yan, even if you don't get the role of Yeva in the end, we have another racer role for you." Zhou Qiao pondered briefly before he spoke.

    Actually, the role of Yeva had been confirmed days ago. Lin Shuya, a popular actress, would be in the movie. Thus, there wouldn't be any changes.
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