556 No One Else Could Be On Par With Me

    Wei Yutong was right indeed. No one would be able to clinch the role of Yeva, as it had already been confirmed days ago. Lin Shuya would be the actress portraying Yeva.

    However, Lin Yan's performance had wavered the minds of Zhou Qiao and the others. Hence, they wanted to give her another female racer role so that she could join the production as well.

    The remaining actresses gazed at Lin Yan in admiration. Even if she failed her audition for Yeva, she would still be able to land another role. It would be a valuable, rare opportunity for her to be involved in a production like this.

    In their opinion, any role in Legend would help advance their career in the future.

    "Miss Lin Yan, what do you think?" Legend's director glanced at Lin Yan with a warm smile.

    Lin Yan shook her head firmly instantly. "So sorry, but I came for the role of the Race Track's Grim Reaper today with nothing else in mind. I'm not interested in any other roles."

    Lin Yan's words rang in everyone's ears before their expressions faltered. The remaining actresses stared at Lin Yan in disbelief.

    Had they misheard?

    Lin Yan had rejected them outright firmly. She had rejected the director and producer of Legend, an international blockbuster!

    She said that she'd come with only one aim in mind that day. There was nothing else she would consider. She only wanted to be the Race Track's Grim Reaper...

    Was Lin Yan kidding?

    She only wanted Yeva and nothing else?

    Who had given her the courage to be so cocky?

    "You only want to portray the Race Track's Grim Reaper?"

    Zhou Qiao suddenly frowned when he heard her.

    It was the first time he had met an actress like Lin Yan in the few days he had been in this country.

    "Miss Lin Yan, are you certain that you're not joking?" The producer eyed Lin Yan sharply.

    Lin Yan nodded in determination and chuckled softly. "Yes, I'm serious. I only want to be Yeva. I will not consider any other roles in this movie. I'm not interested."

    Zhou Qiao surveyed Lin Yan with interest and curiosity. Frankly speaking, he had hardly ever met an actress like her before.

    Where did she get the confidence to think that she was exceedingly suitable to play the character of Yeva?

    Although the Race Track's Grim Reaper wouldn't have many scenes in the movie, this was the most complex role. No matter how good that actress was, all the racing fans in the world might not agree with her.

    "Miss Lin Yan, are you sure you have the confidence and ability to play the role of the Race Track's Grim Reaper?" Zhou Qiao peered at Lin Yan intently.

    Lin Yan nodded again, her eyes shining with confidence. "Yes, I'm confident that, other than me, no one else would be able to portray Yeva well. No one else could be on par with me."

    The director and producer chuckled at her statement. Lin Yan's acting was good, but she sounded like she was exaggerating and she came across as haughty.
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