558 Coach, Was Your Account Hacked?

    Actually, Lin Yan hadn't expected that she would stand a chance at the audition that day.

    Everyone was aware that Lin Shuya had been confirmed for the role of Yeva, the Race Track's Grim Reaper. Just days ago, Legend had officially released the news as well.

    If nothing extraordinary happened, then the role would go to Lin Shuya without a doubt. There was no way anyone else stood a chance.

    Firstly, Lin Shuya's acting skills were good. In addition, she had invested money and effort in research and even learned how to race from a top team in the country.

    To top it off, Lin Shuya was very popular in the country. She was known for her beauty and kindness. The media had lauded her for her contribution to charity and publicized her kind gestures.

    Given this massive support, she was the most suitable actress to portray the Race Track's Grim Reaper.

    Thus, Lin Yan knew that she wouldn't be able to land the role through the audition.

    However, she was still bent on landing the role. She was determined that no one else would snatch it from her.

    Half an hour later, Lin Yan logged into her social media account, which was something she hadn't done in ages.

    Her username was Yeva.

    Her profile picture was a female animated character. She had short hair, black clothes, and a subtle smile. There was an eye patch over her left eye and a sword hanging by her waist.

    Thousands of messages flashed past her eyes in an instant when she logged in.

    Death Knight the Damned Kid had typed, 'Coach! Can you take that youngster in hand? He deliberately tried to send me out in the first level of the international competition. He is an evil creature! Coach, disown him!'

    Death Knight the Damned Kid had typed again, 'Coach, that evil creature raised his middle finger at me at the start of the competition!'

    Death Knight the Damned Kid had complained once more. 'Coach, where are you? Why is your phone off?'

    In the Name of Lang Mang had typed, 'Coach! That beast purposely crashed into Death Knight and my car!'

    In the Name of Lang Mang had whined again. 'Coach, that evil creature took first place again! He stepped on Death Knight and my corpse to get that championship! That fellow even said he wanted to treat us, but he vanished halfway through dinner!'

    In the Name of Lang Mang had typed, 'Coach, what happened to you? Death Knight said that your phone has been shut off. Coach, why?'

    Lin Yan scrolled past the messages, which were mainly from her apprentices. Some were from her teammates in WZ, but the remaining messages were spam.

    Xiao Ji had typed, 'Hi?'

    Lin Yan was stunned to see that name. She had deleted him ages ago. Why had he appeared again?

    He had even sent several messages!

    Lin Yan didn't hesitate to delete Xiao Ji once more from her contacts. She checked once more to make sure that he had been deleted properly.

    She then clicked on In the Name of Lang Mang. 'Ha ha.'

    Less than a minute later...

    In the Name of Lang Mang typed furiously, 'F*ck! What the... Coach, did someone hack your account?'

    Yeva replied, 'Scram.'

    In the Name of Lang Mang replied swiftly, 'Coach, is this really you? What happened? Your phone was shut off and you didn't reply to our messages! We were so worried!'
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