559 The Coach Would Select Personally

    Yeva replied, 'Of course. Without me, all of you seemed so happy.'

    In the Name of Lang Mang replied, 'Coach, stop messing with me. Where are you? Tell me and I'll come and look for you right now!'

    Yeva typed, 'I'm abroad and I have something to deal with. I won't be back anytime soon.'

    In the Name of Lang Mang typed, 'Oh... Coach, when will you be back then?'

    Yeva hesitated for some time. 'I'll tell you, but I have something to ask you. Were you in charge of choosing an actress for a role in a movie called Legend?'

    In the Name of Lang Mang replied after some thought, 'I think so. It's just a movie so I don't have time for it. I got one of my apprentices to select on my behalf.'

    Yeva replied, 'Alright. Tell the production team that I will select the actress personally. Without my permission, they are not to decide on anyone for the role.'

    In the Name of Lang Mang typed quickly, 'Oh, okay. Sure. I'll just let Zhou Qiao know then. Actually, the production team of that movie wanted you to make the decision for the role personally but they couldn't reach you. I mean... even we couldn't contact you.'

    Yeva replied, 'Get the person in charge to contact me by using this number. Send all the particulars of the applicants to me.'

    In the Name of Lang Mang replied eagerly, 'Coach, I got it! Can you video call me, though? I just want to verify your identity. What if your account was hacked by someone?'

    Before Lin Yan could even reply, Lang Mang called.

    Lin Yan accepted the video call.

    "Coach! It's you indeed!" Lang Mang stared at her, looking stunned.

    "Yeah, it's me..." Lin Yan answered dully.

    When she saw Lang Mang, who was wearing his uniform and helmet as he sat inside his car, she asked, "Are you at a competition?"

    Lang Mang nodded and replied lazily, "It's just a friendly competition. My opponent is too slow and I'm waiting for him at the finish line. Oh, I need to end this call. They are right behind me! Coach, I'll call you after my race has ended. I have many questions to ask you! Don't go missing again, Coach!"

    Lang Mang ended the call abruptly. If he hadn't been afraid that Lin Yan would lecture him, he wouldn't have wanted to finish the race.

    Lin Yan stared helplessly at her phone. How could this fellow chat with her in the midst of a race?

    Yeva typed, 'I have something to do. Don't forget what I said. Contact the production crew right away. I want to select the actress for the role of Yeva."

    Lin Yan sent the message to Lang Mang and went back to scrolling through her messages once more. Instead of replying, she exited the app.

    Zhao Hongling called a minute later.

    "Lin Yan, are you done with the audition?"

    "It ended long ago." Lin Yan smiled wryly.

    "How was it?"

    Zhao Hongling harbored no hopes at all regarding the audition this time.

    "It seemed fine..."

    Lin Yan then retold the entire series of events.

    "What?" Zhao Hongling sounded worked-up and alarmed. "You rejected the production crew's offer to portray a racer?"

    She had never thought that Lin Yan would succeed in her attempt. Certainly, the thought of Lin Yan rejecting their offer had never crossed her mind!

    Legend was an international blockbuster and its influence and reach were far more extensive than Meeting One's Match. Even a minor role would benefit Lin Yan's career.
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