560 At the Training Ground

    Zhao Hongling deliberated for quite some time before she replied, "Lin Yan, even a minor role in Legend would help advance your career in more ways than one. It would boost your fame and popularity too. I want to know why you've rejected their offer."

    Zhao Hongling knew Lin Yan well and was sure that she wouldn't reject an offer for no good reason. Hence, she wanted to know the reason.

    "Because I'm only interested in the role of Yeva. I don't think I can manage any other roles well." Lin Yan grinned.

    "This is the only reason?"

    Zhao Hongling felt surprise and disbelief after hearing Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan had set her mind on the role of Lin Yan and she wouldn't settle for anything other than that. Hence, she hadn't considered their offer...

    Her reason rendered Zhao Hongling speechless.

    "Lin Yan, you should know that Lin Shuya has already landed the role of Yeva. There won't be any changes. Even if she hadn't been confirmed, it would still have been nearly impossible for you to stand a chance at landing that role." Zhao Hongling was solemn and firm.

    The Race Track's Grim Reaper had limited scenes in the movie but she was the soul of the movie. Lin Yan's fame, experience, and acting skills wouldn't qualify her for the role at all.

    Zhao Hongling had expressed her opinions clearly and hoped that Lin Yan could accept the other role regardless of how minor it was.

    "Sister Ling, don't worry. I will enter the production." Lin Yan chuckled softly.

    "Don't be so impatient. We will have many opportunities in the future." Zhao Hongling comforted Lin Yan gently.

    Actually, Lin Yan understood where Zhao Hongling was coming from. If she had been in Zhao Hongling's shoes, she would have done the same.

    After ending the call, Lin Yan changed clothes and went to her grandfather's place.

    She didn't call to inform that she would be coming. Hence, no one was at home.

    Lin Yan called her grandfather and found out that Mo Shuyun and the others were at the training ground.

    She then made her way there.

    She heard the engines of several cars the moment she entered the training ground and saw many young unfamiliar faces there. They were all clad in the He family team's uniforms.

    Mo Shuyun had informed her that he would be looking for young racers to join the team. Lin Yan had finally freed some time today to check on them.

    Her arrival had attracted the attention of the young men.

    "Oh... Lin Yan!"

    A young boy with short, cropped hair pointed at Lin Yan in surprise.

    "Did you guys watch Meeting One's Match? She is Lin Pianruo!"

    "Why would Lin Yan be here?"

    "Why are all of you so surprised? Lin Yan is the granddaughter of the old master. The He family team belongs to them."

    "Hello, Miss Lin Yan!"

    Several young team members mustered all their courage and strode toward her swiftly.

    "Hello." Lin Yan surveyed them briefly with a warm smile.
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