561 Welcoming the Beginning With New Talen

    "Are you the new members of the He family team?" Lin Yan asked curiously.

    One of the young men quipped eagerly, "Yeah! Captain Mo Shuyun invited us!"

    "Welcome to the He family team!" Lin Yan nodded in acknowledgement.

    She then pressed on. "Where is your captain?"

    One of the team members glanced a fair distance away. "Captain Mo is training someone else... but the training should have ended by now."

    A silver-colored car pulled over and stopped a few steps away from Lin Yan.

    Mo Shuyun got out of the car with a pair of shades. He grinned as he removed his gloves.

    "Goddess, what a rare appearance. What brought you, a busy celebrity, here today? Your presence has shed some light on the He family team." Mo Shuyun chuckled as he stared at Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Mo Shuyun had joined them not too long ago, yet he had already begun to mess with her.

    "I was busy lately, so I couldn't spare any time to come here." Lin Yan explained.

    "Goddess, I'm just messing with you." Mo Shuyun grinned cheekily. "I found some racers with potential to join the He family team."

    "I met them just now." Lin Yan nodded in response.

    Mo Shuyun was indeed efficient.

    The old master, He Dingkun, walked slowly toward them.

    He Dingkun looked more cheerful and alert. He'd had a haircut and even dyed his hair black.

    "Xiaoyan, when did you get here?" He Dingkun smiled at Lin Yan.

    "Grandfather, I just arrived," answered Lin Yan.

    He Dingkun smiled warmly once more. "Xiaoyan, what do you think of the He family team?"

    Lin Yan scrutinized the surroundings and smiled back at him. "It is brimming with youthful energy."

    The He family team indeed looked more energetic and lively. They seemed more professional now.

    "The He family team will be having its first race after the revamp." Mo Shuyun peered at Lin Yan solemnly.

    This was a crucial, important race for the He family team. If they lost, all their effort would go down the drain.

    Funding was a major problem right now. Even though Mo Shuyun had contributed his share of investment, it was not enough.

    Everyone was aware that racing was a sport that squandered money rapidly. Without investors and a steady input of funds, it would be hard for them to continue.

    Lin Yan knew that better than anyone else.

    The He family team had just reformed, so everything had gone back to the start. To keep them going, they would have to win competitions and improve themselves. That was the only way.

    "Let's analyze the team and our opponents later," suggested Mo Shuyun.

    Lin Yan agreed, as she needed to understand more about the racers in the country as well.

    "Stop whatever you're doing and come over here."

    Mo Shuyun yelled and clapped his hands.

    "Captain, what is it? We were busy training," someone answered.

    "Skip the nonsense and do as you're told." Mo Shuyun sounded impatient.
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