562 The Best Cheerleader

    Less than a minute later, the rest of the young team members rushed out of the training ground and stood quietly in a row.

    "Sister, you're here..."

    Yun Xuan greeted Lin Yan softly.

    "Sister, when did you arrive?" He Lefeng asked as well.

    "Stop talking." Mo Shuyun's eyes darted to He Lefeng and Yun Xuan.

    Both of them clammed up and stood properly once more.

    "Many new members have just joined the He family team, so they are still not clear about our situation." When everyone went still and focused, Mo Shuyun spoke.

    "The He family team just underwent a major reconstruction. Soon, we will be joining our very first competition. This competition will define us. Remember what I am going to say. I don't care how good you were or how good you claim you were in the past. In the upcoming week, if you're unable to meet my expectations, you'll get out of my sight." Mo Shuyun announced sternly.

    Everyone looked at each other nervously.

    Now that the He family team had undergone this reconstruction, it would need to redefine its level and status. Plus, they had no idea who their opponents would be.

    "In addition, everyone has to meet this lady."

    Mo Shuyun spun around suddenly toward Lin Yan.

    "Isn't she... Lin Yan? She's the actress who portrayed Lin Pianruo in Meeting One's Match!" one of the men exclaimed.

    "Yeah." Mo Shuyun nodded. "Miss Lin Yan is the soul of the He family team and the best one among us. She defeated WW previously."

    "I heard that... it was a staged competition..." one of them mumbled quietly.

    "Captain Mo, we joined the He family team because of you. We are aware of your ability and talent, but it doesn't make sense that you are praising Miss Lin in such a way."

    One of the team members grinned at Mo Shuyun. "Miss Lin is an actress and an excellent one at that. Besides, she is the Old Master's granddaughter. It's expected that she knows some techniques. However, to claim that Miss Lin defeated the entire WW team... I would have to betray my conscience to believe your claim."

    "Ha ha... Yeah, Captain Mo. Miss Lin can be our cheerleader instead. We will feel revitalized at the sight of her! We will crush our strongest opponents! Miss Lin is simply too pretty!"

    "Miss Lin... you look even prettier than you look on the screen!"

    "Miss Lin, I'm your fan. I joined the team because Captain Mo said you're also a part of it!"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    She was torn between crying and laughing. How should she feel about their comments?

    "Miss Lin, you have to come and support us at the competition!"

    The young guys' eyes were gleaming with adoration for Lin Yan.

    Mo Shuyun was speechless...

    He realized that none of them had understood what he meant.

    "Forget it. Get back to training." Mo Shuyun massaged his temples with a frown.
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