563 New Rules and Regulations Targeted at Everyone

    After the members left, He Dingkun, Lin Yan, and Mo Shuyun went to the waiting area.

    Mo Shuyun took out a pile of documents and turned to Lin Yan. Then, he said gravely, "The situation is worse than I anticipated."

    "What happened?" Lin Yan was puzzled.

    "It's about the rules and regulations of the competition," Mo Shuyun explained, "The competition's rules are about to change, which will affect every team in the country. Regardless of its current status or level, every single team will have to be re-categorized. If our luck is down, we might not even clinch a single victory."

    "How many competitions are there in total?" asked Lin Yan curtly.

    "Three," Mo Shuyun replied promptly.

    "What you're trying to say is that... the probability of our team meeting the top teams..." Lin Yan said, looking solemn.

    "Is very high," finished Mo Shuyun.

    "What are the teams taking part this year?" Lin Yan contemplated briefly before asking this question.

    He Dingkun opened a document and replied, "There are about a dozen top teams, including K1 and WW. The majority of the teams belong to the bottom and middle level, where at least 60 teams are taking part."

    "By looking at this, our chances of meeting the top teams aren't high..." Lin Yan analyzed the situation quietly.

    "No." Mo Shuyun shook his head as he stared at Lin Yan. "Theoretically speaking, it isn't... However, the number that we have picked caused this. We are number 52 from the middle to the bottom level teams."

    Lin Yan mulled over Mo Shuyun's statement.

    They were number 52, which meant that they would have to wait for the 51 teams before them to finish their race.

    If those 51 teams met the top, strongest teams, they wouldn't stand a chance and would definitely be eliminated.

    In that case, when it was the He family team's turn, the probability of them meeting a strong rival would increase substantially.

    If their luck was down, they would be eliminated during the first competition after the restructure of their team!

    That would deal a fatal blow to the He family team.

    "You and I are going to compete personally," said Lin Yan.

    Mo Shuyun shook his head with a frown. "The whole team has to take part. The new rule states that it's a rally race. They will randomly pick a few racers... If they don't pick you or me..."

    Mo Shuyun wasn't being pessimistic. That situation could happen in real life.

    Even if both Lin Yan and Mo Shuyun were picked, they had no chance of winning if they met a top team like K1.

    "We have no chance of winning given our current strength. If we really met a top team, the consequences would be disastrous." Mo Shuyun looked subdued and grim.

    "For instance, a team like K1," Lin Yan supplied quietly.

    "Yeah, that would be the most painful, cruelest competition ever," answered Mo Shuyun.

    "Perhaps it would be painful." Lin Yan managed to smile bravely at Mo Shuyun. "But there is no need for such negativity. The competition hasn't commenced yet."

    "I'm not trying to be negative here. The new rules are supposedly implemented for the sake of fairness. Neither new nor prominent teams have a say. It doesn't matter if a team is new or has a strong investor. However, when it comes to the He family team, you are aware that there is no room for defeat," Mo Shuyun concluded.
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