564 She Wasnt Deterred at All

    Mo Shuyun's eyes trailed to Lin Yan. He couldn't quite understand what was going on in Lin Yan's head right now. The situation was really grave and he had explained it clearly to her. Logically speaking, she should be able to picture the consequences.

    However, Mo Shuyun detected no worry or uneasiness in Lin Yan's eyes. It seemed as if the new rules and regulations wouldn't affect anything.

    "Goddess, you may not be aware of the new rules. Let me illustrate. This will be like a martial arts tournament for clans. We are a small clan, yet we might meet the chief clan. A punch could crush us and render us unable to get back on our feet." Mo Shuyun gazed at Lin Yan and trudged on. "Originally, we only needed to compete with teams that are on the same level with us..."

    Mo Shuyun believed that, due to Lin Yan's occupation as an actress, she wasn't very familiar with racing rules. However, he was certain that she should be able to comprehend them by now.

    "Hmmm... I understand your point." Lin Yan paused before she nodded.

    She then replied airily, "That's good."

    Mo Shuyun was speechless. Was she being serious right now?

    "Just think positively. The reformation of our team has coincided with this change in rules and regulations. Who knows, we might be categorized as a top team after the competition. That would be great." Lin Yan smiled brightly.

    The corners of Mo Shuyun's mouth twitched. He was at a loss for words.

    He was aware that Lin Yan was a strong racer who had even beaten the WW team.

    However, WW wasn't the best team. There were plenty of teams who could crush WW as well.

    If they met K1 or any teams of similar strength, he and Lin Yan wouldn't stand a chance of beating them. That was the cold, hard truth.

    "Goddess, you're being too positive..." Mo Shuyun sighed heavily.

    "What else is there to do?" Lin Yan pressed on. "Should we dissolve the team?"

    Mo Shuyun was speechless...

    "Since we can't change the rules, then we should just accept this. We can't cower in fear before a battle." Lin Yan grinned and pressed on. "Plus, wasn't the international competition your ultimate target? Are you shaking in fear because of our country's competitions?"

    "We have to take it step by step... How can I possibly reach the top..." Mo Shuyun replied awkwardly.

    "When is the competition starting?" asked Lin Yan.

    "In about a week, but the official notice isn't out yet," replied Mo Shuyun.


    Old Master He Dingkun and Mo Shuyun weren't feeling too optimistic about the upcoming competition. However, Lin Yan wasn't deterred at all.

    Indeed, to Lin Yan, it made no difference who her opponent was.

    The only thing she was worried about was the fact that she might not be picked to compete.

    She didn't give a hoot about any of the top teams, including K1.


    Zhao Hongling called Lin Yan two days later and informed her that she was trending.

    Lin Yan ended the call and decided to check this out.

    Someone, presumably one of the actresses at the audition, had recorded Lin Yan's performance. This hadn't been published by Legend's official account.

    The main highlight of the video was that Lin Yan had claimed that no one else but she could play the role of Yeva.

    Naturally, people would twist or exaggerate her words, which made Lin Yan look even more pompous and conceited.

    Lin Yan felt helpless as she read the comments. She had attracted a huge backlash. People were attacking her viciously.
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