565 The Young and Beautiful Coach Will Decide

    Lin Yan stared at the comments, lost in deep thought.

    The criticism she received was harsh and vicious. Adjectives such as 'shameless' were considered polite, and the majority of the comments were both malicious and savage.

    Lin Yan, on the other hand, was indifferent. After all, she had somewhat gotten immune to criticism.

    'Tourist 12342' commented, 'Lin Yan has no sense of shame at all! How could she claim that she is the only one fit to act as my idol in the entire country? What a tremendous joke! What does she know? How is she fit to go up against Lin Shuya?'

    'I want to date a hammer' typed, 'Lin Yan is truly a pile of mashed gross stuff. Initially, she had hopes of cleaning up her reputation with Meeting One's Match. However, she shot off her mouth at the audition. It's true, a leopard never changes its spots. She is beyond salvation.'

    'My mom hasn't hit me in three days' replied, 'Actually, it's fine if she says such stuff. The only prerequisite is that she has to have the necessary qualities first. Lin Shuya has invested so much effort and she even sponsored a racing team and joined it as a member. I heard that she is training day and night and might even get a chance to race with her team. What did Lin Yan do to deserve anything?'

    'Yeva's only man' also left a comment. 'I heard that Lin Yan's grandfather owns a racing team and that was how she got into the team. As a result, the He family team is on the verge of disbandment because of her. They have finally restructured the team, but I reckon they are bound to fail once more. Unless the production team goes crazy, she will never be able to land the role!'

    'Lin Shuya's oversized towel' typed, 'Why does my goddess have such a sister? I'm speechless. First, she wanted to snatch her boyfriend. Next, she claims that her charity organization was hers. Why does she have to use Shuya every single time? Does she loathe Shuya so much? Her shamelessness has peaked. No one is on par with her...'

    Lin Yan moved her fingers lightly and scrolled to the next page.

    The first page of criticism might be horrible, but at least it wasn't as bad as the subsequent ones. They were literally lashing out at her with vulgarities.

    Lin Yan's eyes darted to the numbers and she saw that nearly 100,000 people had reposted or commented.

    "It's easier to gain fame when people criticize you..."

    Lin Yan fell into a daze.

    When Meeting One's Match had exploded online with popularity, the frenzy hadn't been as intense as this.

    Suddenly, Lin Yan's phone rang. It was Zhao Hongling.

    The amount of attention and criticism garnered had exceeded Zhao Hongling's expectations. This was enough to deal a fatal blow to Lin Yan's career.

    Zhao Hongling told Lin Yan that she must not have anything to do with Legend and shouldn't speak up for herself. She needed to wait for the wave of backlash to die down.

    Lin Yan could only listen to Zhao Hongling right now. Hence, she didn't respond.

    She logged into her account using Yeva's name.

    In the Name of Lang Mang asked, 'Coach, where are you? Why did you vanish? Didn't we agree to talk after my race?'

    In the Name of Lang Mang typed hastily, 'Coach, I've contacted the production crew. They were shocked to hear that you wanted to select the actress personally, but they informed me that they have confirmed an actress. I can't remember her name. Anyway, we are not familiar with the entertainment industry and certainly not with any celebrities! I had no choice but to stop them. All I said was that I will let my young and beautiful coach decide!'
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