567 Get Lin Yan to Portray Me

    Yeva replied, 'Yes. I don't know anything else, but she is unsuitable.'

    Go11 replied, 'Miss Yeva, this actress should be suitable for the role. You might not be aware of this, but she has acted in racing-related movies before... Furthermore, she is now a member of a top team and she sponsors it too. We also heard that she has immense potential in racing and she will become an official member of the racing team soon. She will be competing as well!'

    Lin Yan was surprised when she read that.

    Lin Shuya had immense potential in racing and would become an official member of the racing team soon? She would be competing?

    Lin Yan chuckled to herself. It seemed as though Lin Shuya had been really interested in racing besides preparing for Yeva's role.

    Yeva typed again, 'I still don't think that she is suitable. I would like to choose the actress myself.'

    The production crew had no idea that Yeva would be so adamant and serious.

    Although they were the official team behind the movie, it would pose a big problem if Yeva were to object to their decision. It might hinder the filming process as well.

    Yeva typed, 'Send me all the details of the actresses and their audition performances. Let me select the most suitable one amongst them.'

    Go11 replied, 'Alright then, Miss Yeva. May I know where you are right now? Could we have an opportunity to meet you in person?'

    Yeva typed quickly, 'Sorry, I've been busy lately. I won't have time.'


    Soon, Lin Yan began to receive hundreds of actresses' information.

    She had nothing to do, so she waited patiently for her audition recording.

    In the meantime, her audition recording continued to generate a lot of criticism.

    The previous day, Lin Shuya had attended a press conference, where she had been interviewed about her upcoming role in Legend.

    One of the reporters had mentioned Lin Yan's audition.

    As usual, Lin Shuya had tried to gain the pity of the reporters. She had said that if her sister wanted the role, she would give it to her.

    Lin Shuya's interview had been uploaded online and contrasted against Lin Yan's video.

    'Tourist432' commented, 'Lin Shuya is so kind! But still, she can't give the role to someone like Lin Yan! Just look at how different the two sisters are! Tsk...'

    'Leopard's spots' typed, 'How could Lin Shuya do whatever she wants? The production team isn't composed of morons. They would never agree to it. Even if they really did, how could the massive army of Yeva's fans take this lying down?'

    Everyone online commented on how beautiful and kind Lin Shuya was, while Lin Yan was the epitome of evilness. They began to protest against Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan read the comments about Lin Shuya. However, she knew her sister too well.

    Lin Shuya wasn't merely trying to portray how kind she was. She had purposely tried to emphasize how atrocious and arrogant Lin Yan was.

    How could she give up on the role? She had only said this to intensify the hatred everyone felt for Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan couldn't be bothered to care about Lin Shuya.

    She was scrolling through all the videos that the production team had sent her.

    She finally saw her own audition recording.

    Yeva replied instantly, 'Get this actress called Lin Yan to portray me.'
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