566 Lin Shuya Isnt Suitable

    Death Knight the Damned Kid typed, '???'

    Death Knight the Damned Kid whined, 'Coach! Why did you contact that scoundrel Lang Mang instead of me? Coach, don't you like me anymore?'

    Death Knight the Damned Kid typed again, 'Coach, contact me soon! One more thing! An attractive, good-looking guy is asking around for news about you. I think that he is dangerous and his subordinates seem pretty powerful as well. Coach, did you offend anyone? Give me a command and I will drive my darling car into him!'

    Lin Yan had a headache as she scrolled through the messages. In the end, she chose to read only her apprentices' messages.

    Death Knight's last message made Lin Yan's face fall.

    An attractive, good-looking guy? He was dangerous...

    Lin Yan instantly thought of a man.

    Xiao Ji...

    She had already blocked him... Now, he was up to something again!

    At the thought of that man, Lin Yan couldn't help but shudder. She tried to get that man off her mind by shaking her head.

    She then answered Death Knight swiftly.

    Yeva typed, 'Just say you don't know where I am or that I'm dead. If you dare to reveal anything about me, I will knock you down personally.'

    It was a pity that Death Knight wasn't online right now. He had missed the chance to talk to his coach.

    Lin Yan's eyes darted to another message.

    It was from the production team of Legend.

    Lin Yan accepted the request quickly.

    Go11 had typed, 'Hi, I'm the official spokesperson for Legend.'

    Yeva replied, 'Hi.'

    Go 11 typed, 'Miss Yeva, it's an honor to be able to talk to you. Mr. Lang Mang has informed me about your request. We have already selected a suitable candidate to portray you in the movie. We're sure you will be satisfied.'

    Yeva typed, 'Send me the details. I will decide if she is suitable or not.'

    Go11 replied, 'Sure.'


    Less than a minute later, Lin Yan received a whole load of information about Lin Shuya and her audition recording.

    Yeva typed, 'I'll reply after I'm done.'

    She exited the chat and went back to reading the comments once more.

    'Tomorrow, I'll become a billionaire' had written, 'Support Lin Yan! Lin Yan is the best! No objections accepted!'

    Seconds later, dozens of comments appeared.

    'You lead the dog and I'll hold you' typed, 'Are you Lin Yan's stupid fan? How dare you appear!'

    'Trump card' typed, 'This is a newly-created account! Did Lin Yan buy fake accounts?'

    A smile tugged at Lin Yan's lips. Of course, that person had to be her fan. She had expressed support for herself. How infuriating it must be for her anti-fans.

    Lin Yan didn't continue to reply. Instead, she went back to the chat once more.

    Yeva replied, 'I've seen her details. She is an actress named Lin Shuya, right? I don't think she is suitable. If it's convenient, you should replace her.'

    'Miss Yeva, are you saying that Lin Shuya isn't suitable and you want a replacement?'

    The production crew was taken aback by Lin Yan's reply. Had she finished reading all the information about Lin Shuya in such a short time?

    She had also concluded that... she wasn't suitable?
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