568 Yeva Wouldnt Allow I

    A minute later, Go11 replied, 'Miss Yeva, this actress doesn't have a good reputation in the country. She has been lambasted by the public recently... If we get her instead...'

    Yeva replied, 'What does this have to do with me? I'm only concerned about whether she is suitable and whether she can act well. The rest is up to you.'

    After reading Lin Yan's message, the production crew fell silent.

    Although the producers weren't willing, they had no choice but to go along with Yeva's decision if she insisted on that particular actress.

    Besides, this movie would air worldwide in many countries.

    Go11 finally replied after some time, 'Miss Yeva, after our discussion, we have decided to respect your decision.'

    Yeva replied curtly, 'May the movie be a success.'


    Two days later, an official announcement about the role of Yeva was made.

    Lin Yan received a call from Lang Mang's apprentice, Zhou Qiao. He had called to meet her regarding the movie offer.

    She certainly knew why he had called.

    Lin Yan set off after arranging the time and place.

    "Hi, Miss Lin Yan. We meet again."

    Zhou Qiao stood up casually from his chair with a smile.

    "Mr. Zhou Qiao. It's nice to see you again." Lin Yan greeted him with a polite smile.

    "I would like to formally introduce you to the director." Zhou Qiao gestured to a white-haired man with spectacles beside him.

    "Miss Lin Yan. My Chinese name is Gao Fushuai." The director smiled at Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan wondered who had given him that name...

    "Hi, Director," she replied.

    "Miss Lin Yan, we were extremely satisfied with your audition. We think that you're perfect for the role." Zhou Qiao peered at Lin Yan.

    "Oh... Really? That's awesome. I didn't expect that!" Lin Yan nodded happily.

    "One question, Miss Lin Yan. Is Lin Shuya your sister?" asked Zhou Qiao.

    "Yeah, why?" Lin Yan was puzzled.

    "Oh, nothing much. Actually, this role was meant for Lin Shuya... However, in the end, we felt that you're more suitable." Zhou Qiao managed a faint smile.

    "Oh, really?" Lin Yan glanced at Zhou Qiao. "Does that mean that I've snatched someone else's role?"

    The director interjected hastily. "No, no! Miss Lin Yan, this has nothing to do with you. We believe that Miss Lin Shuya isn't that suitable for the role!"

    How could Lin Yan have snatched the role? Lang Mang and Yeva had insisted on their decision, and Lin Shuya was to be blamed for not being able to appeal to Yeva.

    Zhou Qiao chuckled softly. "Luckily, we didn't sign a contract with Miss Lin Shuya. If you agree, we can discuss the role first."

    "Are you sure you want me for the role?" Lin Yan gazed at all of them.

    "Yes, we are certain!" the director replied hurriedly.

    He wanted Lin Shuya... but Yeva hadn't allowed it!

    "One more thing. Does Lin Shuya know about this?" asked Lin Yan again.

    "We haven't had the time to notify her yet. Besides, we only had a verbal agreement with Miss Lin Shuya. There is no need for us to explain." The producer smiled at Lin Yan.

    "Alright then."

    In the end, Lin Yan signed the contract while pretending to look slightly reluctant.
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