570 Getting Something For Free With a Purchase

    "I can consider anything, but not money!" Lin Yan hurriedly interjected to deter Pei Yutang.

    If he wanted money from her, it was tantamount to wanting her life. Besides, she was penniless!

    "Ha!" Pei Yutang studied Lin Yan with a grin. "Daddy, I don't need you to give me money. All I need is for you to plead with Big Brother to stop restricting my finances. Then I won't have to be worried even if we lose!"


    At the mention of Pei Yucheng, Lin Yan refused outright. "Don't drag me into this mess."

    Pei Yucheng had made himself clear about his stance toward racing. That was precisely why he had forbidden Pei Yutang to race.

    If she were to get embroiled in Pei Yutang's matters, she might get implicated or viewed as an accomplice...

    "Daddy, you can't watch me as I die!" Pei Yutang wailed aloud.

    "This isn't watching you die. This is getting something for free with a purchase." Lin Yan sighed quietly.

    "What do you mean, getting something for free with a purchase?" Pei Yutang was bewildered.

    "You want to die, but you're dragging me along..." replied Lin Yan solemnly.

    Pei Yutang was speechless...

    He deliberated for some time before he raised his head. "Daddy, there is another solution. Can you join my team and help me?"

    Lin Yan was speechless as she thought to herself, 'Spare me, please...'

    "There is no time." She refused curtly.

    "Daddy, you're so heartless and callous!" Pei Yutang whined as he cried.

    He had thought of several ideas but he hadn't expected that none of them would work... Was his team really done this time?

    "What is the number that your team has picked?" Lin Yan pondered it for some time before asking this question.

    "I think we got number four," quipped Pei Yutang.

    "Why are you so afraid in that case?" Lin Yan rolled her eyes at him. "The probability of you meeting a top team is very low."

    There were three races in total for each team. Since Pei Yutang's team had picked number four, they were most likely to meet teams of their level. There weren't many good, strong teams, and even if they really met one, there were still two races left.

    "That's true!" Lin Yan's analysis won Pei Yutang's approval.

    So why was this kid so worried?

    Lin Yan thought quietly to herself. She would have time to take part in the competition, as her scenes in the movie would be scheduled some time later. Furthermore, she had limited scenes.

    "Daddy, is the He family team taking part?" Pei Yutang asked Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan had no reason to conceal the truth from him. There was no way they could avoid the competitions.

    Pei Yutang rubbed his hands gleefully. "If only my team could compete against the He family team! Then, we would definitely win!"

    Lin Yan threw him a contemptuous look. "Good luck."


    Other than reading up on the new rules and regulations, she also spent some time reading the criticism online.

    It seemed as though it had intensified instead of dying down. Even the media got involved, as they published eye-popping headlines to attract more readers.
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