571 She Had A Smeared Reputation Since She Had Entered the Entertainment Industry

    Lin Yan read several news articles about herself. One condemning article stood out in particular, as it accused her harshly of being a traitor. It also mocked her failure to become as successful as Lin Shuya. It then went on to say that Lin Yan had stolen her sister's fiancée, her charity business, and now her role.

    All these articles would incur and unite the wrath of the public. The comments would usually also be more than 100,000.

    Lin Yan had grown numb to this harsh criticism.

    She cast her phone aside and went to wash up. Then, she called Zhao Hongling and requested to meet her.

    Zhao Hongling had no idea that Lin Yan had landed the role of Yeva. Lin Yan merely informed her to meet her at a cafe.


    Zhao Hongling studied Lin Yan in confusion at the cafe. "Why did you ask me to meet you so urgently? Is it because of the criticism online?"

    Lin Yan shook her head with a grin. "Sister Ling, I'm not that weak. I'm already immune to that."

    Zhao Hongling was speechless...

    In hindsight, that was somewhat true. Lin Yan's reputation had been smeared ever since she had entered the entertainment industry.

    "Sister Ling, can you accompany me to Legend's production?" replied Lin Yan.

    "Legend's production?" Zhao Hongling was startled. "Why would you go there?"

    She was aware that Legend would be holding a press conference that day. They should be announcing the actress that would play Yeva's role and other details.

    "I am joining Legend's production," replied Lin Yan.

    Zhao Hongling frowned when she heard her.

    Lin Yan had mentioned that the production crew of Legend had offered her a role. Zhao Hongling wanted her to accept the offer, but the criticism was too overwhelming this time. It might not be wise for Lin Yan to be associated with Legend at all.

    However, since Lin Yan had already said so, Zhao Hongling couldn't object.

    She knew that Lin Yan was an assertive, unyielding woman after knowing her for so long. Thus, she usually wouldn't question her decisions.

    "You didn't discuss this with me in advance... I'm not prepared at all." Zhao Hongling stared at Lin Yan helplessly.

    "It's fine, don't worry." Lin Yan chuckled aloud.

    Zhao Hongling sighed heavily, as she couldn't outtalk Lin Yan.

    Soon, Zhao Hongling and Lin Yan left the cafe and made their way to their destination.

    Legend's press conference was held at a grand club.

    Zhao Hongling parked the car and entered the club with Lin Yan.

    The area outside was swarming with reporters who had surrounded the club.

    There were limited invitations for guests, so most of the reporters had to stay outside.

    "Lin Shuya!"

    Someone shouted suddenly.

    At that moment, everyone turned in her direction.

    The girl was wearing a floral gown and her elegant curls fell gracefully across her shoulders. She maintained a sweet, charming smile on her face.

    "Miss Shuya, are you here to join Legend's press conference?"

    The reporters scrambled toward Lin Shuya the minute they saw her.

    "Yeah." Lin Shuya smiled at the reporters.

    "Miss Shuya, you're so beautiful today! And very elegant!"

    "Thank you," Lin Shuya replied politely with a smile.
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