572 So What If She Compares Against Me?

    "Miss Shuya, everyone is aware that you have landed the role of Yeva. Because of this role, there were rumors that you sponsored a racing team and became a team member. Is that true?"

    Lin Shuya nodded in response. "Yeah, but I didn't do that because I wanted the role."

    "If it was not because of the role, why would you learn how to race? Miss Shuya, can you tell us more?"

    "I believe that racers are really attractive and cool. I've been interested in racing all my life. This time, I'm stepping up to fulfill my dream." Lin Shuya smiled.

    "Miss Shuya, your sister Lin Yan seems to be both an actress and a racer. She is in your grandfather's team, right? Can you comment on her racing skills? How does she compare against you?"

    A flicker of contempt glinted in Lin Shuya's eyes at the mention of Lin Yan. The polite smile froze on her face as she replied, "Since my sister can be a racer, that means she should be a qualified one."

    A reporter snorted derisively. "Miss Shuya, you're too kind. If Lin Yan was truly a qualified racer, the He family team wouldn't have had to face so many failures and been forced to reconstruct itself. The new racing rules must be a nightmare for the He family team. I reckon that they will be eliminated for good this time. Miss Shuya, will you consider helping them overcome this crisis?"

    Lin Shuya contemplated it for some time before she replied, "The He family team belongs to my grandfather. If there is a need, I will certainly offer my help. However, I'm currently with ZF... so I won't be able to race as part of the He family team... There will be a conflict."

    "If Lin Yan wasn't in the picture, I believe that Miss Shuya would feel less uncomfortable."

    "Indeed. Miss Shuya, you brought Lin Yan into the entertainment industry. You gave her everything you could, but..."

    Lin Shuya shook her head. "Perhaps my sister has her reasons for doing that."

    "Miss Shuya, family might be important, but others may not be necessarily worth it. Have you watched the video of Lin Yan's audition?"

    "Lin Yan declared that no one else would be worthy of portraying Yeva. Didn't she know that the production crew of Legend had already chosen you? How dare she have the audacity to make such remarks."

    Lin Shuya sighed helplessly as she quipped, "I've asked the director and he said that I'm the most suitable person for the part... Even if I wanted to give the role to my sister, they wouldn't agree."

    "Miss Shuya, please don't ever entertain that thought. Lin Yan may have displayed her acting skills through the role of Lin Pianruo, but not anyone can portray Yeva."


    "I think we came at the wrong time." Zhao Hongling peered at Lin Shuya, who was surrounded by reporters.

    Lin Yan hadn't expected that Lin Shuya would be here as well or that the production crew wouldn't inform her sister.
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