574 I Dont Mean to Attack Anyone

    Other than the reporters, even Zhao Hongling was shocked beyond words. She had never dreamed that Lin Yan would say something like this.

    Now, she had declared that no one in the entire world was fit enough...

    A female reporter sneered coldly. "Miss Lin Yan, you didn't clinch the role in the end, yet you claim that you're the only one who is fit to portray Yeva. Don't you think that sounds ridiculous?"

    "Miss Lin Yan, everyone knows that Miss Lin Shuya has landed the role of Yeva. You knew that, yet you still said that stuff. Can we interpret this as a direct attack against Lin Shuya?

    Miss Lin Shuya isn't fit to portray Yeva, but she is your sister and she brought you into the industry... She also gave you opportunities..."

    Zhao Hongling suddenly stepped forward with a stony expression. She scanned the reporters and replied mildly, "Everyone, Lin Yan merely expressed the opinion that she is suitable to be Yeva. When did she ever mention Miss Lin Shuya's name?

    How can you irresponsibly extract and twist facts?"

    Zhao Hongling was clearer than everyone else about the way Lin Shuya had sabotaged Lin Yan.

    "Even though Lin Yan didn't explicitly say so, that was what she meant," a reporter replied with a smirk.

    Lin Yan chuckled softly. "I really believe that I'm the most suitable person for the role. I don't mean to attack anyone."

    "You believe that you're the most suitable option? Miss Lin Yan, is your acting better than Miss Lin Shuya's? Or do you think that you know more about racing?"

    Lin Yan shrugged nonchalantly. "Of course I think that I'm the best in the universe. Would you deny that yourself?"

    She succeeded in shutting the reporter up. There was nothing wrong with thinking that she was the best...

    Everyone had the right to think that they were the best in the world.

    "Everyone, please make way." Zhao Hongling stood in front of Lin Yan.

    "Miss Lin Yan, I would like to give you some advice. You will never land the role. In the future, before you say anything, make sure you have the necessary capability. Don't speak without thinking." One of the female reporters threw a disdainful look at Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan wasn't upset or furious. "You're right. I'm always sure of my ability and capability."

    She followed Zhao Hongling into the club.

    The hall was teeming with reporters and the production crew, which was trying to maintain order.

    The main leads were already on stage, and so was Lin Shuya.

    The production of Legend was already underway. Only Yeva's scenes remained.

    They hadn't been able to find a suitable actress, so filming had been halted. The main purpose of the press conference was to announce the actress that would play Yeva and some other new characters.

    When Lin Yan and Zhao Hongling entered, the reporters fell silent and scrutinized Lin Yan.
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