573 No One Else In the Entire World Would Be More Suitable Than Me

    Lin Yan hadn't expected to see Lin Shuya at the press conference. Rationally speaking, the production crew should have informed Lin Shuya in advance.

    However, Lin Yan knew she was in no position to question Legend's production crew.

    None of that mattered, as she had already signed a contract with the production team. Nothing would change it.

    After Lin Shuya thanked the reporters, she entered the club quickly.

    "Sister Ling, let's head inside," Lin Yan told Zhao Hongling.

    Zhao Hongling seemed hesitant as she turned to Lin Yan. "We should wait for a while. There are too many reporters."

    Lin Yan smiled at Zhao Hongling. "Sister Ling, it's fine. They won't leave until the event is over anyway."

    Lin Yan understood Zhao Hongling's concerns. Zhao Hongling was afraid that the reporters might attack her with vicious questions.

    However, she didn't mind at all.

    Regardless of whether she was a racer or a celebrity, she had never given any hoots about what the media thought of her.

    "Alright then. You walk behind me and refrain from answering their questions," Zhao Hongling told Lin Yan in a hushed voice.

    Lin Yan grunted in response.

    The two of them walked in the direction of the club.

    As they got nearer, the reporters spotted them from afar.

    "Lin Yan!"

    Someone in the crowd shouted, drawing everyone's attention to Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan and Zhao Hongling were soon swarmed by reporters.

    Zhao Hongling sighed helplessly to herself, as she had expected that to happen.

    Lin Yan was a piece of succulent meat to the reporters. How could they let her off?

    "Miss Lin Yan, may we ask why you are here today? Are you going inside?" a reporter yelled amid the commotion.

    "Can't I be here?" Lin Yan surveyed the reporter.

    "Miss Lin Yan, did you land a role in Legend? Or perhaps, the production crew invited you today?"

    "I'm here to eat." Lin Yan grinned.

    The reporters were taken aback when they heard Lin Yan. She was there to eat?

    Naturally, no one would believe her.

    "Miss Lin Yan, you auditioned for the role of Yeva. You even proclaimed that you were the only actress in the country who is fit to portray Yeva. Why would you say that? Can you explain?"

    "Miss Lin Yan, I don't think an explanation will help. After all, the video is real."

    Lin Yan mulled over their questions and chuckled softly. "I need to explain. I shouldn't have said that no one in this country was fit to portray Yeva. Sorry."

    Many of the reporters were unable to conceal their mirth as they giggled. She must have learned her lesson!

    Lin Yan kept a polite smile on her face. "No one in the entire world would be more suitable than me."
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