575 On Her Accoun

    "Is that Lin Yan?"

    "That's weird... Why would Lin Yan be here? She hasn't been selected for any of the roles, has she?"

    "I heard that during Lin Yan's audition, the producer knew that she was Lin Shuya's sister and they offered her a role. However, Lin Yan rejected the offer and said that she only wanted the role of Yeva and nothing else."

    Many people shot Lin Yan looks of disapproval.

    "What! She is so demanding! She has no talent, and the only production she has joined that is worth mentioning is Meeting One's Match. Everything she has done was by luck... Now, she wants to be Yeva? Is she joking?

    If it wasn't for Miss Lin Shuya, why would they offer her a role? How dare she reject that role?"

    Zhao Hongling's face fell as she listened to the gossip and hushed conversations.

    When had the producer offered Lin Yan a role on account of Lin Shuya?

    That was such a joke. How could Lin Shuya be influential enough to affect the decision of the production crew of Legend?

    Certainly, Meeting One's Match had helped to improve Lin Yan's image. A minority of the reports opined that it was unlikely that Lin Shuya would be able to influence the production crew of Legend. Perhaps Lin Yan's acting had won the approval of the production crew, although she had declined their offer in the end.

    Lin Shuya spotted Lin Yan and trembled slightly.

    Both Lin Shuya and Lin Yan were equally surprised to see each other.

    Lin Shuya knew that Lin Yan had gone to the audition previously. She also knew the actress who had uploaded the audition recording.

    That actress had sent it to Lin Shuya, who in turn had hinted at her to spread it online.

    Lin Shuya had also heard that the production crew had offered Lin Yan a role but she had rejected it. Hence, Lin Shuya was puzzled by Lin Yan's appearance.

    There was another possibility. Lin Yan had regretted her decision and decided to take the production crew up on its offer.

    However, Lin Shuya knew that the production crew wouldn't give Lin Yan a second chance.

    They were producing an international blockbuster. Even if Lin Yan was the top celebrity in the country, they wouldn't have given her another chance.


    "Lin Yan, Lin Shuya is your sister. Don't you feel ashamed when you claim that no one else but you is fit to portray Yeva?"

    "Miss Lin Yan, let's leave that aside. Your acting can't be compared to Miss Lin Shuya and neither can your racing skills. Miss Lin Shuya belongs to a top team in the country, while your team is unknown. Plus, we know that it belongs to your family.

    You are lacking in all aspects, so why do you think that you're more suitable than Shuya?"

    Lin Yan chuckled quietly in response. "I don't have to compare myself with anyone. I just think that I'm the most suitable person to portray Yeva."

    Many of the reporters sized up Lin Yan, looking indignant and upset.

    It hadn't occurred to them that Lin Yan would be so unabashed about her thoughts and opinions.
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